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  • GE vs Heil air conditioners: a comparison guide

GE vs Heil air conditioners: a comparison guide

Decide if you need a central AC unit or a window or wall unit by comparing GE versus Heil air conditioners.

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Your home is the place where you want to feel the most comfortable and relaxed, but without air conditioning, you might cringe when you have to go home after work. Compare GE vs. Heil air conditioners today to find out which products appeal to you.

GE air conditioners

GE vs Heil air conditioners: Shown here is a GE mini-split wall unit.Why should you waste money on fans? With the right air conditioner, you can keep your home feeling as cool and crisp as a bright spring day. Comparing GE vs. Heil air conditioners will show you that Heil focuses on central air units, while GE makes units you can use in your vents and windows.

With a window air conditioner from GE, you can install the unit in less than an hour, using almost any available window. A wall unit also goes by the name of a built-in unit because it looks like you built it right into your wall. For a wall unit, you'll want to hire a contractor to install it.

Air conditioner prices are likely on your mind because you'll need to follow a budget. While a new HVAC system can cost thousands of dollars, you can buy a smaller unit for far less than $1,000.

GE has wall units available for less than $1,000, and some of those units are Energy Star rated, which means they use less electricity. You can walk into a store and spend less than $400 for a window unit that will cool down your bedroom or a shared living room.

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Heil air conditioners

Heil air conditionerYou might not need to compare GE vs. Heil air conditioners if you decide on central air because that's all Heil makes. You'll want to hire a contractor to install air conditioner units of this type because installation requires knowledge of electricity, heating, cooling and vents.

Heil offers a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and other parts in the device. Even if you think the air conditioner estimate sounds too high, keep in mind the warranty covers future repair bills.

With a high Energy Star rating, these air conditions can easily cover your home cooling needs.

On the high end, there is Heil's QuietComfort DXT, with the price ranging from $2,659 to $3,769. Depending on the size you need, a Heil 13 SEER AC uni runs from $1,039 to $1,449. 

With a new air conditioner in your home, you'll look forward to resting and relaxing after a long day. Look for air conditioning technicians and contractors who work independently or with some of the top companies around at Reply! No matter what type of AC you want in your home, you can find someone to help you with the installation.

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Look at GE vs. Heil air conditioners, compare the top products, and decide if you need a central air, window or wall units around your home.

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