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GE vs Payne air conditioner prices and overview

If you're looking for a home-cooling solution, a good place to start your comparison is GE versus Payne air conditioners.

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If you're looking for a home-cooling solution, a good place to start your comparison is GE vs. Payne air conditioners. Whether you're looking for a simple air conditioner window unit you can install yourself or considering replacing or installing a complete HVAC system, GE and Payne might have exactly what you'll need.

It's best to locate an experienced heating and air technician in your area who can answer any questions you have and provide you with an air conditioner estimate that's within your budget.

GE air conditioners

GE vs Payne air conditioners. Shown here is a GE mini-split AC system.GE offers several different options for AC units. The company sells Energy Star qualified wall units and window units that will easily cool small rooms and offices.

Built-in wall units are often used in small businesses and hotel rooms. They offer more insulation than a typical window unit does, as well as a better weather barrier.

Window units are portable and easy to install. They fit a traditional style window and can easily be removed when not in use.

When comparing GE vs. Payne air conditioners, GE air conditioner prices are an affordable alternative to HVAC units. GE units can range from several hundred dollars for a small window unit to several thousand dollars for a built-in unit.

Get free quotes from area contractors on GE vs Payne air conditioners!

Payne air conditioners

Payne 13 SEER AC unitPayne offers complete HVAC units with seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings of 13, 16 or 17. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your unit will be.

Payne is better known for the manufacture of furnaces. The company offers two different AC units, and both are midrange units. The smallest two-ton unit is around $1,300 plus the cost of installation. The larger four-ton unit costs around $1,600 plus installation.

When you're seeking a contractor to install an air conditioner, you should understand prices could vary in your area depending on the average cost of labor.

Warranty info

Both GE and Payne offer a warranty on their AC units. When comparing GE and Payne air conditioners, the Payne AC units have a 10-year limited warranty on parts including evaporator coils and fan coils.

The Payne 17 SEER two-stage AC unit is the company's highest energy-efficient air conditioner. It offers two separate stages of cooling to help lower your overall energy bill. The Payne units also have a deluxe dense outdoor grille to protect the outside coils from damage.

With GE units, you'll have the option to purchase an extended service plan and warranty.

Choosing the best AC unit for your home can be very confusing. If you compare GE vs. Payne air conditioners, you're sure to find a system that will suit your individual needs. Whether you need a system for a small bedroom or you're looking for a complete HVAC system for your entire home, Reply! can help you locate a contractor in your area.

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