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GE vs Rheem air conditioner prices and overview

Comparing GE vs. Rheem air conditioners will show you that GE specializes in smaller units and devices, while Rheem makes larger central air units.

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Choosing between central air conditioning and a window unit is like choosing between a small glass of water and a rushing river. While both will meet your needs, one might do a better job. Comparing GE vs. Rheem air conditioners will show you that GE specializes in smaller units and devices, while Rheem makes larger central air units.

AC unit vs window air conditioner

Before you start your comparison of GE versus Rheem air conditioners, you need to understand the difference between central air and traditional air conditioners.

Central air units rely on your existing HVAC system, giving you the chance to push cool air into any room you want. A smaller AC device will only cool the space directly surrounding the unit.

You'll also find that a smaller air conditioner is less expensive than a larger unit and that you don't need to hire someone to install a smaller unit.

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GE air conditioners

GE vs Rheem air conditioners. Shown here is a GE mini-split AC unit.GE makes several window units that start at less than $400. While GE air conditioner prices on wall units can reach nearly $1,000.

The main difference between these two AC units is that a wall unit, also known as a built-in unit, fits right into a vent inside your home. You'll need to put a window unit inside a standard-size window. Depending on the size of the room, you might need an AC with more British thermal units (BTUs). All GE products tell you the number of BTUs right on the package.

Depending on the type of wall unit, you may be able to cool only one room or several rooms. For several rooms, but not the whole house, go for a ductless mini-split air conditioning unit.

Rheem air conditioners

Rheem Prestige Series 2-stage serial communicating air conditionerAs you compare GE vs. Rheem air conditioners, you might find that your home is too large for window or wall units. It's easy to have a Rheem air conditioner unit installed in your home. from Rheem.

Hire a contractor with experience in the field. Your contractor can even give you an air conditioner estimate before beginning the work.

Rheem sells units under its Prestige Series, Classic Series and Value Series. The warranty varies based on the series and type of unit, but these devices are quite powerful.

You'll find AC units with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of up to 19.5. The units with a higher SEER number use less energy to meet your home cooling needs, which can result in lower energy bills.

Rheem units also have a durable metal cabinet that keeps the components safe from water and damage.

If you live in a house without central air, you might think that your only option is a window unit. With GE built-in units and Rheem air conditioners, you aren't stuck with only one option. Use Reply! to find out how central air works and to find contractors who can install any type of air conditioner in your home.

Comparing GE vs. Rheem air conditioners is a good way to start your search for more information and to find the details you need to know before choosing a home-cooling product.

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