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Gender neutral nursery colors: paint ideas

If you don't want to go with a gender-specific theme, consider combining a few gender-neutral nursery colors instead.

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You can still go bold with gender-neutral nursery colors. Photo by ooh_food on Flickr.Designing a nursery is one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for a new addition to the family. If you don't want to go with a gender-specific theme, consider combining a few gender-neutral nursery colors instead. The right color schemes transform an empty guestroom into a warm and welcoming nursery. 

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Start with a basic neutral color to build a vibrant palette that isn't too overwhelming for a baby. A light gray or beige is ideal to fill in the majority of the walls and ceiling if you don't want to use blue or pink. Neutral browns are also acceptable for nurseries, but avoid shades that are too dark or too red — unless you are really confident in your color scheme.

Pair your favorite neutral with one or two brighter colors to bring excitement to your nursery. If you want to add highlights that pop, consider painting a border or the ceiling with gender-neutral nursery colors like:

    • Creamy yellow: Adding a ceiling that is reminiscent of sunshine will make the nursery fun for everyone in the family. This color can also work well for wall painting.
    • Shades of green: Colors ranging from light mint to a shade reminiscent of freshly cut grass work for both male and female babies. Stick to colors on the yellow side of the spectrum rather than tones that are predominantly blue. Too much blue can make the nursery feel cold and less than welcoming.
    • Navy: Walls painted dark-blue are overwhelming, but a few splashes of this rich shade throughout the room will spruce it up. A narrow strip near the ceiling can save you a lot of wall painting work, especially if you already have a neutral color in the room.

Choosing your paint colors will set the palette for the entire room. You don't want to choose crib sheets or other decorations that clash with your chosen interior paint.

Don't forget to factor interior paint prices into your considerations when designing your dream nursery. While nearly any paint can be blended to match your chosen color, the various types of paint come with different price points. Durable paints for gender-neutral nursery colors allow you to clean up easily, but may increase the overall project estimate.

Hiring the right painting contractor ensures the project flows smoothly from beginning to end. If you only have a few weeks until your baby is due, you don't want to deal with unexpected delays with painting and other preparations.

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Photo credit: ooh_food via Compfight CC.