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Goodman vs Heil AC prices, pros and cons

The Goodman vs. Heil AC debate is resolved largely by personal price limit and what you are willing to spend for extra functions.

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Goodman and Heil are two very well-known air conditioner manufacturers. Each brand comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses for potential customers to consider. This guide will cover the prices, pros and cons of each in order to resolve the Goodman vs. Heil AC debate.

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Goodman vs Heil ACsThe first thing to take into consideration when choosing between Goodman vs. Heil AC units is price.

Heil air conditioners come at a higher cost than Goodman units. When it comes to air conditioner prices, Goodman is hard to beat as it has several lines in different price ranges.

An average Heil AC unit is comparable in price to a high-end unit from Goodman. Heil units are comparable with other luxury AC brands such as Gibson.


When it comes to Goodman vs. Heil AC performance, Goodman generally has a better reputation in terms of efficiency. While both brands are very high quality, Goodman sticks to very basic construction that has a tendency to last for decades.

Heil HVAC units come with more advanced features than the basic Goodman units, and the appearance of the products tends to be flashier.

For those who want more bells and whistles at a somewhat higher cost, Heil is the ideal choice. Consumers who prefer simplicity and affordability will likely prefer Goodman.

Installation and warranty info

Heil ACAnother important consideration in choosing an air conditioner manufacturer is installation. Many professionals agree that installation is more important to the longevity of your home-cooling system than the product itself.

When you hire a contractor, it is important to consider his reputation and ask for references. While many claim to be able to install an air conditioner, doing so correctly while considering the specifications of the product and the details specific to your home is best left to a certified professional.

A reputable contact will gladly provide you with an estimate and work with you to choose the best unit for your needs.

Your distributor can also inform you about any applicable product warranty or other protection plan, which is important when conducting long-term cost comparisons between Goodman and Heil units.

Both Goodman and Heil are known for their exceptional product protection plans, which can save hundreds to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the air conditioning unit.

Both Goodman and Heil produce stable and long-lasting air conditioning units for commercial and residential purposes. Goodman is an efficient brand that offers tiered pricing for its various lines, ranging from basic to borderline luxury products.

Heil units tend to come with more bells and whistles at a higher price tag. If you only require basic temperature controls and a good protection plan, Goodman is a perfectly viable option for both residential and corporate purposes. Heil tends to be more popular with residential consumers.

Both brands are fairly easy to find, so the Goodman vs. Heil AC debate is resolved largely by personal price limit and what you are willing to spend for extra functions.

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