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Goodman vs Maytag AC prices, pros and cons

Comparing Goodman vs. Maytag AC products is the first step to feeling cooler and more comfortable in your home.

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Purchasing an air conditioner is the key to enjoying those hot and humid days of summer. Central air conditioning can reduce humidity and lower the temperature of your home to a more comfortable level. Comparing Goodman vs. Maytag AC products is the first step to feeling cooler and more comfortable in your home.

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Goodman air conditioners

Goodman vs Maytag ACsGoodman air conditioners include the GSC13 and ComfortNet product lines. Each AC unit has a number in its name indicating the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of that unit. The machines with higher SEER numbers use less energy than those with lower numbers.

Goodman air conditioner prices start at around $1,200, but this refers to the wholesale price of the unit. By the time you add the cost of installation, the price can rise to around $2,000.

The units in the ComfortNet line have SEER ratings of up to 18, and you might pay $7,000 or more for one of these AC units. The cost of those units is one of the biggest disadvantages of adding a Goodman AC to your home. 

Maytag air conditioners

Maytag ACWhen comparing Goodman vs. Maytag AC units, you should also look at the products from Maytag.

Maytag's largest AC has an SEER of 24.5, but the company also makes smaller units with SEERs of 13 and up.

The smaller units cost less than $2,000, while the larger units can cost more than $3,500.

Before you hire an HVAC contractor, you can request a free estimate. The contractor will give you an idea of how much the job will cost before he starts to install air conditioner products in your home. This is the easiest way to find out which products you can afford.

Warranty info

You should also compare Goodman vs. Maytag AC warranties before you buy. After you register your air conditioner with Maytag, the company will give you a 12-year warranty that covers nearly every functional part on your unit. You can also extend your coverage by purchasing a plan that covers labor and the installation of new parts.

Goodman offers the same extended warranty coverage. Its warranty program lets you work with an authorized dealer to replace or repair the unit in the future. Goodman also offers a standard warranty on all products it creates, but your coverage varies depending on the price of the air conditioner. 

Portable ACs, window air conditioners and ceiling fans all have a place, but those devices don't work as effectively in larger homes. If you own your own home, consider installing central air, which can keep your house cool and help you when it comes to lowering your energy bills.

Find qualified contractors and installation experts to help you out. Comparing Goodman vs. Maytag AC products is an easy way to decide what you want and need before hiring someone to install those products.

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