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Goodman vs Tempstar AC prices, pros and cons

The best way to make a decision between Goodman vs Tempstar AC units is to consult a contractor for a free, in-home estimate.

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Goodman and Tempstar are both reputable air conditioning manufacturers. Each brand comes with its own set of features and pitfalls to consider before making a purchase. This guide will cover the basic pros, cons and prices that affect the Goodman vs Tempstar AC debate.

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Goodman vs Tempstar ACs

Goodman vs Tempstar ACsWhile individual AC unit prices vary from model to model, Goodman is a cheaper brand. While Tempstar is not a luxury brand, its products do tend to come with a higher quality than the standard Goodman line.

Tempstar is generally considered a step up from Goodman in terms of both quality and price, although their lines are cheaper than others, such as Carrier and Heil.

The price of a unit depends largely on the individual distributor as well, so an estimate is necessary to determine the actual price. Other factors that affect price include your home layout, geographic location and even the wiring in your home.


Another factor in the Goodman vs Tempstar AC comparison is quality. Goodman and Tempstar are both known for manufacturing high quality AC units.

Both brands have reliable customer service and their units can last for decades if maintained properly.

Goodman air conditioner and HVAC units are manufactured with simplicity in mind, while Tempstar offers more amenities and customized products.

Tempstar ACTempstar does have an overall reputation within the air conditioning industry for producing products of a higher quality than Goodman. However, that difference is often negligible when considering other factors, such as location. Both brands are more than satisfactory when it comes to standard home cooling features. 


Another important consideration in the Goodman vs Tempstar AC debate is product protection.

Both Tempstar and Goodman offer warranty plans on all their products that covers future maintenance and, if necessary, product replacement. This is incredibly important when you decide to hire a contractor. Anyone who attempts to sell you a product that is not backed up by a manufacturer's guarantee is probably not a reputable dealer.

There are many contractors who work with both Goodman and Tempstar air conditioners. Before installing an air conditioner, you should ask for a free, in-home estimate to determine the final product cost.

Air conditioner prices are often separate from the cost of installation, so while Goodman may be cheaper, not all Goodman contractors will install the units at a lower cost.

Customers who prefer a simple and efficient unit with high SEER ratings at a low cost tend to prefer Goodman, while those who are willing to pay a bit more for extra features and slightly higher quality choose Tempstar. Both brands offer a variety of products to choose from and it is easy to find a skilled contractor that works with each.

The best way to make a decision between Goodman vs Tempstar AC units is to consult a contractor for a free in-home estimate and make a decision based on their pricing.

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