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Gray on grey color inspiration

What better time to take on an interior painting project than spring. Don't overlook gray as a possibility.

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Maybe you prefer gray or grey. Or maybe you question how you could fit the color into your home. Shake the image of cold industrialism out of your head.

The Kitchen & Bath Association named gray color schemes as a continuing and growing trend in 2013. The association surveyed 300 members from the interior design community. They found gray in 55 percent of kitchens and 56 percent of bathrooms.

Besides shades of gray, notice how each paint color of gray has different undertones. For instance, some grays are more earthy with a smudge of brown mixed in. Other grays are cooler with a bit blue.

Add sophistication to your home with gray. Tell a story with a pop of color or with more neutral tones, giving off a sea-side vibe.

Gray or grey can be warm and tranquil or dark. Yet all forms of gray are sophisticated.


Find inspiration for your home with these gray color ideas and palettes, and make it your own. Hire a painting contractor to do the dirty work for you.

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Photo collage by Rachel Wright.

Photo credits, clockwise from top left: 1. Gray cityscape by Namphuong Van; 2. Gray gold master bedroom by coco+kelley; 3. Glossy yellow kitchen with steel countertops by ooh_food; 4. Grey and mint living room inspiration by coco+kelley; 5. A warm grey dining room by coco+kelley; 6. A gray, spa-like bath by ooh_food; 7. Orange meets dark gray on this yacht by coco+kelley; 8. Moody blues with grey paneling and knitted texture by ooh_food; 9. Grey seaside pelicans and tranquil blue by Yair Hazout; 10. Minimalist kitchen island by; 11. Warm grays and browns by coco+kelley; 12. A dark gray kitchen by Mirage Floors; 13. Sky blue and dark grey living room by pug freak; 14. Timber and fog by Jonas Nilsson Lee; 15. Modern red, black and gray kitchen by axeldeviaje; 16. Shark gray by russelljsmith; 17. Grey on gray geometric conference room by All Flickr images via CC.