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Heil air conditioner prices: pros, cons and quotes

Your guide to Heil air conditioners.

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Heil air conditionerChoosing the right air conditioner unit for your home can be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. According to Energy Star, the average homeowner spends around $1,000 a year for home heating-and-cooling costs. The wrong size unit can cost you money. A Heil air conditioner can help you cut your home energy bill, so your unit will pay for itself over time.

You may also qualify for a tax credit when you replace your old inefficient unit with a higher efficiency unit. An experienced contractor can help you choose the best unit for you home and provide you with an air conditioner estimate.

Every Heil air conditioner comes with a warranty on key components and parts. Extended warranties are also available to customers who want added protection on their investment. When you choose a Heil HVAC unit, you'll receive high-quality parts and service for the life of the unit.

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The company also has a variety of units to choose from that will fit nearly every budget. The Heil 13 SEER AC unit ranges in price from $1,039 to $1,449, depending on the tonnage you need. A ton unit can cool a 500 square foot home, while a 2-ton unit can efficiently cool a 1,500 square foot home.

You'll also need to locate a contractor qualified to install air conditioners. The most expensive Heil air conditioner prices are for the QuietComfort DXT, with the price for the unit varying from $2,659 to $3,769.

The Department of Energy requires all heating-and-cooling products to have a minimum efficiency rating on all units. New Heil air conditioner units have a much larger energy-efficiency rating than units manufactured before 1992. Older units can cost you 20 to 40 percent more on heating-and-cooling bills.

It's important to replace your unit when it starts giving you significant problems. Most electric units should last between 12 and 15 years, while gas units can last 15 years or more.

For those looking to save money in the end, the Heil mini-split air conditioner delivers up to 22 SEER, which can lower your overall operating cost. The unit offers advanced features including an infrared remote, so you can control your comfort level from anywhere in your home. It has an easy-to-remove filter and a large LED display. You can also adjust the unit to go into sleep mode at night, which will adjust the fan speed and temperature to maximize savings.

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Whether you're shopping around for a replacement unit or weighing your heating-and-cooling cost options, a Heil air conditioner may be what you need to lower your energy bills. Reply! can help you find a contractor that can provide you with a variety of AC unit options.

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