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Heil heat pump prices, pros and cons

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Heil heat pump QuietComfort DXT+The Heil heat pump is made by International Comfort Products Corporation, which is a subsidiary of United Technologies. ICPC also makes other HVAC products such as central-air conditioning systems, oil furnaces and gas furnaces. Heil heat pumps are available in a range of capacities.

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Heil PHR5 series

Heil's mainline packaged heat pump air conditioning units include the PHR5 series, which has a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) of up to 16, depending on the specific model of heat pump. The scroll compressor has few moving parts and no piston, allowing these models to operate quietly.

The durable construction of this Heil heat pump includes rails made of metal that surround the entire base of the unit and wire grilles that protect the coil.

The defrost control is able to switch efficiently between heating and cooling mode.

These units are filled with refrigerant that's sealed and tested at the factory.

QuietComfort DXT+

The QuietComfort DXT+ home cooling models have an efficiency of 15 or 17 SEER, depending on the specific unit. It has a two-stage compressor that reduces the cost of operating this Heil heat pump during mild weather.

The compressor's upper mode also increases the cooling capacity of this heat pump air conditioner when the weather is hot.

The cabinet of the DXT+ is constructed of galvanized steel for greater durability, and the grille has narrow spacing for greater protection while maintaining proper airflow. The aluminum coils and seven-millimeter copper tubing to increase the energy efficiency of these models.

Energy efficiency

ICP is a partner in the Energy  Star program, which was initiated by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The cost of operating an AC is directly related to its efficiency.

The DOE minimum efficiency for heating and cooling units is 13 SEER, which provides a 23 percent savings in energy costs compared to a traditional heat pump with 10 SEER.

A unit with 14 SEER provides a savings of 28 percent and a unit with 15 SEER reduces the unit's operating expenses by 33 percent.

A 16-SEER unit saves 37 percent compared to a 10-SEER unit, and a 17-SEER unit provides a savings of 41 percent. Consider these costs savings when calculating the installation estimate for these units.


The estimate of the cost needed to install a Heil heat pump should take the warranty into account. Top-of-the-line products have a limited warranty of 10 years, while mid-tier products have a limited warranty of seven years.

Stand-level products have a warranty lasting five years, while base-level products have a limited warranty of one year.

Don't wait. Obtain the best prices on Heil heat pump models in your area today.

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