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  • High efficiency air conditioner prices: an overview

High efficiency air conditioner prices: an overview

Get the details on high efficiency air conditioner benefits and prices.

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A high efficiency air conditioner has many benefits. Photo by jeancliclac on Flickr.Home cooling is a large industry. With more and more homeowners choosing to reduce their carbon footprints, green cooling options are increasingly popular. You should have a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a high-efficiency air conditioner.

You may wonder why you should bother with a high-efficiency air conditioner at all. After all, high-efficiency air conditioner prices tend to be higher than those of regular air conditioners. People are willing to pay the extra price for good reason though: While the upfront costs are high, you'll notice a difference in your electric bill over time.

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The government even offers incentives for homeowners who are willing to purchase energy-saving products such as a high-efficiency air conditioner. Often, you can buy a green AC or HVAC unit for even cheaper than a regular unit when you factor in manufacturer's rebates, government incentives and tax breaks for reducing your carbon footprint.

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Another great aspect of these units is that most of them come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. This guarantee means you will not have to purchase another product to replace the unit if it breaks down. For many people, it is worth the upfront investment to both save money long term and not have to go through the hassle of buying another unit.

Efficient air conditioners also have a reputation for being much more reliable than their less efficient counterparts.

Exact pricing for a unit depends largely on the state you live in. The price for a basic high-efficiency cooling unit runs from $1,400 to $2,000. For a mid-level unit, costs run between $2,000 and $2,500. For luxury units, the cost generally runs between $2,300 and $3,00.

You should consider the cost to install an air conditioner too. Installation costs will typically be between $150 and $450, dependent on the amount of work your setup needs.

Finding the right contractor is an important part of installing your cooling unit. It can be difficult to find a contractor who will give you an honest air conditioner estimate on price. The best way to find a reliable one is to ask your friends or use our tool to receive free quotes.

Now that you know the basic cost estimates for a high-efficiency air conditioner and what to expect in terms of long-term savings, you can make a more informed purchase decision.

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Photo credit: jeancliclac via Compfight CC.