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High velocity systems: pros, cons and costs

When you're looking to upgrade your HVAC system, consider high velocity systems.

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High velocity systems by SpacepakWhen you're looking to upgrade your HVAC system, consider high velocity systems. This cooling system has a heat pump and AC unit that can keep you comfortable all year.

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About high velocity systems

These heating-and-cooling units are available as low-velocity systems or high-velocity systems. The main difference is a high-velocity system uses smaller, more flexible equipment than a standard AC unit.

High-velocity systems also have an air handler that will work with a standard thermostat and your heat pump or air conditioner.

Those with low-velocity systems may notice the rooms in their homes don't cool as quickly, and the ducts must be much larger.


The advantages of high-velocity systems include:

    • These systems are ideal for homes with radiant floor heating since they don't need large heating ductwork. This is perfect for older homes and those with smaller ducts to begin with.
    • High-velocity systems are easier to install in older homes. The ducts are only two-inches wide, so they can be easily retrofitted. Low-velocity systems would need to have ducts that are much larger, which may not suit the tight spaces of older homes.
    • The systems are designed to keep temperatures even throughout the home.
    • High-velocity systems cool rooms faster. They typically use half the airflow to do so.


The disadvantages of high-velocity systems include:

    • High-velocity systems might be more expensive to install since they require specialized ductwork.
    • The sound of the system might be louder than a traditional system.
    • ·The air will be propelled at higher speeds, and some people may find this uncomfortable.

How much should you pay?

Prices range dramatically. For instance, the Spacepak systems range between $6,700 and $10,800. The way the price will be determined is based on two points: the system size and the type of heating.

Get an installation estimate. You can receive an estimate by having a contractor come to your home to inspect the space. You should also consider the cost of a warranty on your high-velocity system, although many systems have one included.

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