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Home gym remodeling for a hearing disability

Home gym remodeling for a hearing disability should take into account the functionality and safety of the room.

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Home gym remodeling for a hearing disability. Photo by greg westfall. on Flickr.For those interested in home gym remodeling for a hearing disability, many of the changes can be quick and easy. While some changes can be expensive, the results can add to the functionality and the safety of the room, allowing greater use of the center by those with the disability as well as those without.

Remodeling a home gym can involve anything from upgrading the fitness equipment to changing the floor, ceiling, lights or walls.

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Home gym remodeling for a hearing disability can be done to accommodate a variety of levels of hearing loss. One such modification that can aid those with mild to severe loss is the addition of an alerting system in the center. The alerting system is designed to provide a visual cue with accompanying alarms that announce certain events occurring throughout the home.

Alerting systems can be set up to work as a fire alarm, for example, or as a signal signifying that the telephone is ringing.

In order to set up alerting systems, the remodelers will need to provide connections for each of the signals. These connections can be wired throughout the home, or may be wireless, allowing them to be placed where the signals can be easily seen.

By connecting the alerting system in various locations, you can use the same signals within the fitness center as well as in other rooms in the home.

There's a lot more to home gym remodeling for a hearing disability than signals. Residential renovation intended for accommodating hearing disabilities of a severe nature can involve the replacement of some surfaces in the room to provide additional non-auditory cues for those working out.

Replacing the existing floors with linoleum can aid those with complete hearing loss, as this amplifies vibrations that travel through the floor as people walk across it. The vibrations can announce another person's approach into the room.

Those with milder forms of hearing loss may want to take the opposite approach, replacing the floor with sound-deadening coverings to reduce background noise.

Rearranging the fitness machines to provide a clear line of sight to the door can allow anyone working out in the personal fitness center to see those entering into the room. You may find it useful to remove some of the reflective surfaces from the room to reduce glare that can obstruct vision.

Residential remodeling can be a rewarding way to upgrade the look of your home while also adding to its resale value. Doing so to accommodate a household member with disabilities goes one step further, making the home more functional for everyone living in the home.

Hiring a contractor to take care of your home gym remodeling for a hearing disability ensures that the remodeling process can go smoothly and is done with local building codes in mind. When you are ready to begin your project, you can use Reply! to find a qualified contractor near you.

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Photo credit: greg westfall. via Compfight CC.