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Home office remodeling for a hearing disability

Get creative when it comes to home office remodeling for a hearing disability. Get the input of the hearing impaired so you don't miss anything.

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Home office remodeling for a hearing disability. Photo by Jeremy Levine Design on Flickr.Imagine trying to work at home without the ability to hear those around you. When you have someone in your life who has a hearing disability, you might decide on home office remodeling. Hearing disability products like phones and alert systems can help those people use the office safely.

Contractors can do thousands of different residential remodeling jobs, but before you begin your residential renovation, you should stop and think about what that person needs.

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One thing the hearing impaired might need is a telephone with an amplifier on it. This amplifier increases the sound to a level that people with disabilities can better hear. The phones are suitable for those who wear hearing aids or other devices. You can find similar devices designed for use with computers.

Every room in your house should have a smoke alarm, especially rooms that multiple people share. Carbon monoxide detectors and weather alert systems are also helpful at letting people know when an emergency occurs.

When it comes to home office remodeling for a hearing disability, alert systems are particularly helpful. The systems use a series of lights that alert those with disabilities of emergencies instead of using a noise, which those people might not hear.

If you have small children, toddlers or babies in the house, you might add a baby monitor that works in the same way.

Another idea involves adding door and window sensors to the home office. These sensors flash different lights that alert the person with hearing problems when someone tries to enter the house through the window or comes through the door.

When it comes to accommodating disabilities, you might consider adding an alarm clock or pager to the room. Like other products designed for those with hearing impairments, these devices use subtle vibrations to alert people.

A vibrating alarm clock lets the person working in the office stay on top of due dates, while the pager will alert that person of certain tasks. Your loved one can set the pager to remind him or her when to take medications, when to pick someone up or when a doctor's appointment is near.

When you decide on home office remodeling, hearing disability products are definately what you need in your home. 

A loved one who needs a home office for working or doing schoolwork needs products that make those tasks easier, and you'll find dozens of different products that you can use. Telephones, alert systems and clocks are just a few things you might need.

When you start your home office remodeling for a hearing disability project, fully discuss ideas and plans with both your contractor and the person with the impairment. You may be surprised what you would've missed on your own.

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Photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design via Compfight CC.