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Home security systems designed for use with iPhones and Androids

Overview of the basic home security and monitoring products and services designed to work with iPhones® and Androids™ and a brief review of leading home security providers who offer them

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Portability, flexibility and customization are becoming more and more important features in today’s modern home security systems. Homeowners want to be able to monitor home security and automation systems from their growing number of portable devices. As a result, more and more home security and monitoring systems are being designed for use with iPhones® and Androids

Since the first home security apps were introduced for the iPhone®, such apps have become increasingly popular and as their popularity has driven the creation of more iPad® apps, additional apps have adt pulse home security & monitoring systems with iPhone appssubsequently been developed for Androidoperating systems, providing you with even more options for conveniently managing your home security system.

Many national home security companies now offer a variety of smartphone apps. Here is a brief summary of what those firms offer:

Vector Security – their app gives you the ability to control security alarm functions, lights, your home's thermostat and surveillance cameras remotely. Vector Security mobile solutions also allow you to create automatic schedules to arm your home’s alarm and/or video monitoring systems. In addition, you can view activity reports that will let you know whether windows, doors or other areas of your home have been accessed.

ADToffersa home security app for your smartphone. This service, called Pulse, gives you the ability to conveniently access several systems including:

  • Security systems
  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Door locks
  • Cameras

This service can be accessed via either the smartphone app or a Web interface. Three packages are available under the ADT Pulse option, and prices vary based on the package you select.

Protection 1 – through its eSecure system, customers are able to take complete control of their home security systems, including surveillance cameras and lights. Similar to many other security systems that provide remote capabilities via a smartphone, the app from Protection 1 allows you to monitor your cameras in real time. The company also offers an SMS system for receiving alerts. The app is free with the purchase of any eSecure alarm system from Protection 1.

LifeShield – offers a home security app that is compatible with the iPhone®, Android and BlackBerry® smartphone platforms. Through this app, you can control your camera system and/or alarm system lifeshield home security & monitoring systems with android appsremotely, as well as be notified of any water, fire or alarm events. The software can also be used to view live streaming video and take snapshots. In addition, you can use the app to add or remove special codes that can be used for visitors. This app is free for LifeShield customers.

There are some differences in how comprehensive the coverage and service availability for these programs is depending on what broadband service provider you select to support your iPhone® or Android™. Consult your smartphone service provider for details.


You can also turn to Reply! to be put in contact with home security professionals in your area who can assist you in designing and installing the best home security and monitoring systems for you needs.

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