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Home workshop remodeling for a vision disability

From lighting to floor and counter textures, get your home workshop remodeling for a vision disability tips.

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Home workshop remodeling for a vision disability. Photo by on Flickr.If you're planning a home workshop remodeling for a vision disability, don't let any issues stand in the way of getting the workshop you need. Whether you live in a home with people with vision disabilities or you have the vision disability yourself, residential remodeling projects that take those disabilities into account are easily achievable with a bit of advanced planning.

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When planning a home workshop remodeling, vision disability issues can be dealt with right away by immediately setting about to make sure that there is plenty of glare-free lighting in the room. People with vision disabilities need as much as double or triple the amount of light as people with normal vision does.

Focus on things like extra task lighting for worktables. Make sure that the task lighting is on adjustable arms so that the person with vision disabilities is able to manipulate it.

You should also consider getting pot lights or track lighting in addition to any other overhead lighting you have. All of the lighting can be put on dimmers so that it can be adjusted to the needs of whoever is in the workshop at a given time. Make sure to reduce any glare in the room.

Another way to tackle the issue of vision disability is by addressing the visually disabled person's need to sometimes rely on other sensory cues like hearing or touch. People who have difficulty seeing can rely on floor textures to find out exactly where they are in a room. You can have a different type of flooring for each section of the workshop.

For instance, the area where you keep your electronic tools can have rough flooring underneath. This could alert people with sight problems that they're entering an area where there are potentially dangerous tools.

You could also use different textures on counter and table surfaces so that there's no question about what part of the shop a person is working in. You could put rough material on top of tools' important buttons so that anyone could operate those tools or turn them off in case of emergency. And you can add Braille labels for parts of the room too.

Make sure the workshop is set up in such a manner as no obstructions could get in the way of people with vision disabilities as they walk through the room. Workshops are virtual minefields when it comes to the amount of items they contain, so it's important to make sure that nothing is left on the floor and that everything has its place.

Work with contractors who have expertise in doing projects that involve accommodating people with disabilities and have them build shelving for you. Place your items in clearly labeled, brightly colored containers so that a person with a vision impairment knows exactly where to look for just about anything.

Check Reply! for more ways that you can make modifications with your residential renovation, and to find licensed contractors. When doing home workshop remodeling for a vision disability any issues can easily become non-issues.

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