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Homewerks Radio: a smart thermostat guide

Control your home heating and cooling from afar with the Homewerks Radio thermostat.

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Homewerks Radio thermostatImagine that you're hundreds of miles away on vacation when you realize that you forgot to turn your home thermostat down. Instead of calling a friend or coming home to a sauna, you can easily turn down the temperature without ruining your vacation with a Homewerks Radio thermostat.

No matter where you go, you can adjust the temperature at your home.

With hundreds of thermostats on the market, you might not know which one is right for your home. If you want to enjoy the freedom of changing and controlling the temperature without getting up from your seat, a smart thermostat might be your best choice.

The Homewerks Radio thermostat is a universally compatible model that works with most HVAC systems. You can meet with a contractor to make sure that the device you want works with your home. You can even talk to the contractor about the warranty on the model that you would choose and air conditioner installation options.

The Homewerks Radio Wi-Fi U-SNAP Modules let you connect two wireless devices to your programmable thermostat, giving you freedom to adjust the thermostat from anywhere your travels take you. You can raise or lower the temperature from your laptop computer while at work, or you can make those changes from your smartphone while on vacation.

Connect with a contractor for Homewerks Radio thermostat! Ask about AC installation quotes too!

The digital thermostat has a seven-day program that lets you decide on the temperature you want for an entire week. You can save on your home electricity bills by lowering the temperature while you're awa. And, you can program the thermostat to rise a few hours before you arrive home.

Saving energy with one of these devices is easy because it works with your HVAC system to raise and lower the temperature when needed.

Homewerks Radio offers three different models that let you enjoy temperature control:

    • CT80. Their most advanced model. Average price is about $260.
    • CT30. Average price is about $120.
    • CT22. A rough $80.

Turn your AC on so that your house is nice and cool after a long day at work, or increase the heat to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter. You can hire an HVAC contractor to replace thermostat products in your home.

You'll find that while the thermostat costs are high, you can save more on home cooling. Hiring someone who specializes in thermostat replacement ensures that the thermostat installation goes off without a hitch.

You don't need to worry about how you'll install air conditioner units or air conditioner prices because the thermostat works with you to keep your energy consumption down. Get an air conditioner estimate today and compare that price to the cost on different thermostat brands, and you might be surprised at how much you can save.

Turn to Reply! HVAC resources, info on smart thermostats, and how products can help you save money. With a Homewerks Radio thermostat, you can control the temperature inside your home while on the go.

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