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Homewerks thermostats: an overview of options

If you find programming difficult, you may choose one of the electromechanical brands for your thermostat replacement, like Homewerks. Are Homewerks thermostats for you?

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Homewerks Radio CT80 thermostat The majority of programmable thermostats are digital, electromechanical or a combination of both. A digital thermostat offers the freedom and reliability of programming your preferred temperature settings for your home. If you find programming difficult, you may choose one of the electromechanical brands for your thermostat replacement, like Homewerks.

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Take the time to discover all the possibilities regarding thermostat replacement. HomeWerks Worldwide is a distributor of Radio Thermostat Company of America, which provides a number of thermostat models, including the CT80 and CT30 models. These products feature the following:

    • Large display with touchscreen programming.
    • HVAC systems capabilities.
    • Programming up to seven days.
    • Controls two stages of cooling and two to three stages of heating depending on the model.

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