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How much is a new air conditioner?

Figuring out how much is a new air conditioner is not hard. Read on and use our simple form to receive free product and installation estimates today.

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How much is a new air conditioner? Photo by jasonpearce on Flickr.Ever wonder, "How much is a new air conditioner?" You have a lot to consider before finding the correct answer. Air conditioner prices vary widely depending on how large the unit is, whether you need duct work, and several other factors.

Luckily, you can get an air conditioner estimate before you hire a contractor to install an AC unit in your home.

The initial cost of an air conditioner may be as low as $3,000 or lower if you need only a basic unit to cool a few rooms. If you have a particularly large home, the AC unit could run several hundred or even thousand dollars more.

The price can also vary widely depending on how powerful you want your new air conditioning unit to be. For example, in some areas, you might not need a powerful unit because the weather is only hot during the summer months. In contrast, other locations may be hot nearly year round, which will necessitate a more powerful HVAC system.

The cost of the air conditioner itself isn't the only one you'll need to consider before deciding on a purchase. You'll have to pay a licensed professional to install the new air conditioner.

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Related to how much is a new air conditioner, is how much repairs might cost later on. All air conditioners should come with a warranty, but these are sometimes very limited. You may want to get an extended warranty in case the unit fails, which will also add to the overall cost.

Some people have automatic extended-warranty coverage if they buy with certain credit cards. Check the terms and conditions of any cards you have to see if you have this cost-saving feature.

Some homes come ready to install a new unit, but others, particularly older homes, aren't AC-friendly. Find out from your contractor whether your home has the proper duct work in place. If your home doesn't have the proper ductwork, it could cost you an additional $7,000 to $10,000.

Adding new ductwork can also add a considerable amount of days to the overall timeframe for completion of the installation.

You might be able to save yourself some money by buying the air conditioner at a certain time of year. January is the prime month to get major discounts on last seasons products. In the spring months, many companies offer rebates, and the months of March through June generally offer the best overall prices for spring.

Timing is an important factor when asking yourself  "how much is a new air conditioner?" Find a licensed contractor today. He can help you locate the properly sized and priced central AC unit for your home.

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