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JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's: an overview

A buyer's guide to purchasing JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's. Get started today!

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Purchase JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's. Here we have double-hung vinyl windows in white.Lowe's is a home improvement store that sells a variety of goods for use in upgrading your home, including JELD-WEN brand vinyl windows. Those looking to buy JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's may find that there are several window types available, all built for durability and to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

A number of different types of JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's are available, giving you the chance to get the look and functionality that you want for your home.

The windows price varies according to the type of window purchased. Although it usually ranges from approximately $112 for the single-hung, double-pane Builder's series window to about $243 for the Brickmould series window.

Discuss pricing with your contractor. It may be that the contractor can get a small discount due to being licensed in the area, and dependent on if the store offers a discount. All in all, you should be entirely clear on your contractor's purchasing and installation process. 

In addition to the single-hung windows, JELD-WEN windows are available in double-hung models as well. Both model types come with tilt in either bottom sashes or sliding sashes.

Bow windows and bay windows combine several single-window types into a multiple-window construction are also available from Lowe's. They make the rooms they're installed in look larger since they let in more light than a single window would.

Ask your contractor for his opinion. He's worked on plenty of homes, seen many styles, and has probably worked with realtors before. Find out what is overall popular for your region of the U.S. and why, what would work aesthetically for your home, and what would increase the chance of selling your home in the future.

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The installation of JELD-WEN windows can increase the value of your home by as much as 74 percent of the window's cost, with the increase primarily due to the improved energy efficiency of the home. The enhanced look of your home after installing the windows also helps with the increase in value, as the windows can increase the curb appeal of the home significantly. 

All of JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's are ENERGY STAR compliant, which directly lowers your heating and cooling bills once installed. The energy costs are reduced as a result of the combination of the dual-pane insulation and the vinyl frames.

Energy Saver Plus glass is available as an option to the dual panes and provides the same level of energy efficiency. The glass used with the windows is a low-e glass that reflects heat from the home, blocking 85 percent more radiant heat than the clear glass used with other window brands. An optional glass that reflects up to 95 percent of radiant heat for even more efficient operation is also available at Lowe's.

In addition to an energy-efficient construction, JELD-WEN windows are designed with increased security in mind. The windows are made of double-strength glass and include locks that are difficult to pick to resist forced entry. They are also noise resistant, reducing the transmission of outside sound to the interior of the home. For maximum noise reduction, double-glazed windows that provide 50 percent greater noise attenuation than single-glazed versions are available.

Lowe's offers dozens of new JELD-WEN windows. To install windows correctly in order to take advantage of the lifetime warranty supplied, it's best to seek the services of a contractor. Contractors may be found through listings at Reply! In addition to providing installation services, the contractor can also give you a windows estimate that includes the windows cost and labor cost for the variety of available JELD-WEN windows at Lowe's.

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