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KeepRite heat pump prices, pros and cons

KeepRite heat pumps are ideal if you live in a moderate climate and not an extreme environment. Read on to find out more about product features and similar.

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KeepRite heat pumpInternational Comfort Products manufactures and markets a range of HVAC products, including the KeepRite heat pump units. KeepRite has become a major brand of heat pump units in Canada over the past 50 years.

ICPC is based in Lewisburg, Tenn., and is part of the Carrier operating unit of United Technologies.

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KeepRite heat pumps

SXT+ series

The SXT+ series of KeepRite heat pumps feature the Observer communication system, which consists of a wall control unit and communicating fan coil. This lets various components of this heat pump air conditioner to communicate with each other, allowing the system to fine-tune your comfort while maximizing your savings.

The two-stage compressor in the SXT+ models typically operates at a lower speed to provide greater efficiency and quieter operation. The upper stage of the compressor moves air at a higher rate during hot weather to provide a greater cooling capacity.

The maximum cooling capacity of the STX+ KeepRite heat pump units is a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 19.

2500 SX R410A heat pump

The 2500 SX R410A KeepRite heat pump has a scroll compressor that doesn't require a piston, allowing it to operate more quietly than piston compressors. It also has a sound blanket to further reduce its noise level while operating.

This heat pump air conditioning units have the Comfort Alert system, which provides improved diagnostics.

The 2500 SX R410A heat pump also has the Plug & Play feature, allowing easier access when you hire a contractor to service the unit.

This heat pump has a cooling capacity of up to 15 SEER.

2300 SX R410A heat pump

The 2300 SX R410A heating and cooling unit has a 13 SEER rating, which meets the efficiency standards of the federal government. The noise level of this AC model is similar to that of the the 2500 SX R410A home cooling unit due to the two-stage coil compressor.

The 2300 SX R410A model has a cabinet made of stainless steel with a baked-on finish for greater durability. The coils are made from copper tubing with a diameter of seven millimeters and fins made of aluminum.

Installation and warranty

The installation estimate of a KeepRite heat pump should consider the terms of the warranty on the unit. The length of the warranty varies by unit such that the top models have 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts.

You should also be aware you can get a complete replacement of the unit if the coil fails within the first 10 years after you install the unit.

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