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Kenmore air conditioners: pros, cons and costs

Get the low down on Kenmore air conditioners and prices.

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Kenmore air conditioners are suitable for single rooms.When your old air conditioner finally reaches its end, you might notice that your room doesn't feel cool anymore or you might hear strange noises coming from the unit. With Kenmore air conditioners, you can buy a replacement and quickly install it in your home. 

Kenmore makes portable AC units and units designed to cool multiple rooms at once. If you need an AC system for your whole home, then speak with a contractor about other brands and for installation quotes.

The first thing you need to do before buying a Kenmore air conditioner is measure the room. Unlike central air conditioners and HVAC systems, Kenmore units cannot cool a large home. These units will work in a single room, an open-air space or multiple rooms, but you need to know the square footage of the space.

Kenmore air conditioners not for you? Ask contractors abou other cooling options for your home!

The 12,000-BTU Kenmore air conditioner can cool a space of more than 600 square feet. While other units can only cool a smaller area. You can install air conditioner units from Kenmore on your own.

Multiple room units, also known as through-the-wall units, cool two or more rooms at the same time. Air conditioner prices on these units start at around $550. Kenmore makes a 12,000-BTU and 8,000-BTU unit. These AC units keep cold air circulating through the surrounding area to help you feel more comfortable.

Depending on your home cooling needs, you might decide you need a unit for a specific room in your house. When you want to cut down on energy bills, using a single unit in a shared space like your living room can help your whole family stay cool without adding air conditioners in every room.

Single-room units from Kenmore easily fit inside your window. You can adjust the temperature by changing the controls on the front. You can even find units that come with a remote control, letting you change the temperature without leaving your seat.

A portable air conditioner is a better option if you want a unit that performs multiple actions. Kenmore air conditioners of the portable variety work as an air conditioner, dehumidifier and space heater. You can keep the AC out all year long and get multiple uses from it. Each Kenmore unit comes with an owner's manual that tells you how to use it and gives you information on your warranty.

When your old air conditioner stops working or reaches its last legs, it's the perfect time to start shopping for its replacement. Kenmore makes products you can count on. Kenmore air conditioners are readily available from department stores, home improvement shops and even the company's website.

Yet if you have a lot of space, Kenmore air conditioners are not for you. You should connect with a contractor to review your home cooling needs.

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