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Kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability

Don't forget the signalers when kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability. Read on for other ideas.

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Signalers are needed when kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability. Photo by yvestown on Flickr.For most homeowners, the residential remodeling of a kitchen is a way to improve the appearance of the room while also increasing both its functionality and value. The increase in functionality can be especially significant though, when kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability. By making changes to fit the needs of people with disabilities, the homeowner can improve the usability of the kitchen while making it safer in the process.

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A typical residential kitchen can be remodeled in a number of ways to make it more useful for those with hearing disabilities. The most common modification involves the placement of alerting systems throughout the area to provide visual cues that can accompany the sound cues of alarms and other signals in the home. Alert systems perform a large variety of functions for the hearing impaired, from operating as a visual fire alarm to alerting the kitchen occupant to the fact that a telephone or doorbell may be ringing.

As a first step to kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability, you should provide connections for all of the signaling systems being installed. Generally, this requires the placement of a telephone jack near the electrical outlets to provide both the signal data and the power needed to light up the visual signalers.

Once installed, the signalers can then be set into place, usually as a connected system that operates along with other signalers throughout the house. For example, when the front doorbell is pressed, all installed signalers provide an alert, including the one in the kitchen.

Residential renovation accommodating disabilities isn't limited to technical add-ons. For those looking at kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability, many of the surfaces in the kitchen can be modified to help the hearing impaired as well.

Replacing the tile in the kitchen with linoleum can help those in the kitchen feel the vibrations of walkers moving through the room.

Replacing mirrored surfaces on appliances can prove helpful by reducing the glare of light throughout the room, which can make lip-reading or sign language harder due to reduced visibility.

Even rearranging a kitchen table that may block the view of a doorway is beneficial, as a cleared entryway allows for an improved line of sight into adjacent rooms.

Kitchen remodeling should be left to the experts to achieve the best results. A contractor found through Reply! can  ensure that all the remodeling changes fall within the local building codes, and that the work meets with warranty requirements.

With alerting systems and surface changes, your kitchen remodeling for a hearing disability project can have excellent results. The visual changes can add to the attractiveness of the room and the value of the home, while the modifications themselves add to the usefulness of the kitchen.

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Photo credit: yvestown via Compfight CC.