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Kitchen remodeling for a vision disability

Your tips to kitchen remodeling for a vision disability. Make your home accessible to all of yur loved ones.

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Lots of light and non-reflective services are a must when kitchen remodeling for a vision disability. Photo by ooh_food on Flickr.Take into account family members with with disabilities  when a residential renovation is about to take place in a home. With kitchen remodeling for a vision disability in particular, homeowners need to make sure they hire contractors who have experience accommodating disabilities.

If you're about to begin a residential remodeling project and you live with someone with vision disabilities, check out the information below to ensure you are taking that person's needs into account as you make your plans.

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If the person with visual impairment is sensitive to light, pay special attention to the types of lighting you plan on installing, as well as the countertops and other surfaces. People with vision issues need much more lighting than people without eye problems.

When considering your lighting needs, install plenty of lighting, but make sure that the surface the lighting reflects off is matte instead of reflective. Strong lighting reflecting off shiny surfaces can create a strong glare that is painful to someone with sensitive eyes. Surfaces like Corian or an engineered stone with a matte surface are ideal.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, vision disability issues can be lessened in rooms that have plenty of contrast. Distinct changes in contrast between items and surfaces can help a person with vision issues distinguish various parts of the kitchen. You may want to implement these changes in locations like your range and the area surrounding the range so that the visually impaired person can see the range clearly, preventing burns and accidents while the oven is on.

When considering countertop surfaces, you may wish to avoid multicolor surfaces. Busy surfaces can make it difficult for people with vision issues to see things, like medication and other important items placed on the counter. On a surface filled with busy colors and patterns, the visually impaired would have trouble distinguishing between items. 

Naturally the floor space should be clear of clutter and not slippery.

When doing your kitchen remodeling for a vision disability, issues can be greatly reduced if you choose appliances that have been built with the visually impaired in mind. The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) recommends dishwashers from companies like Whirlpool, because they have controls that are easily distinguishable by touch.

Whirlpool uses bubble-style controls, making it easy for visually impaired people to control the units on their own. Miele also comes highly recommended.

Doing a home renovation can be a lot of fun. Use Reply! to find area contractors with experience in kitchen remodeling for a vision disability. A vision disability shouldn't stand in the way of every single member of the family enjoying a brand new kitchen.

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Photo credit: ooh_food via Compfight CC.