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Lennox vs Maytag AC prices, pros and cons

Two of the biggest names in the HVAC industry are Lennox and Maytag. Both are renowned for dependability and long service life.

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Two of the biggest names in the HVAC industry are Lennox and Maytag. Both are renowned for dependability and long service life. If you're on the fence and need to make a decision about which brand to purchase, a Lennox vs. Maytag AC comparison can help you decide which air conditioner system is right for you.

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Lennox air conditioners

Lennox vs Maytag ACLennox has a number of excellent air conditioners to choose from, many of them bearing the Energy Star seal from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

One that stands out runs slightly less than $3,000 and has a 20.5 SEER rating — the Lennox XC21. This model features a dual-stage compressor that allows it to really score high marks when it comes to performance. It's billed as one of the quietest air conditioners available today. This is due to Lennox's trademark technology, SilentComfort, which makes it up to 13 times quieter than most units. 

When doing your Lennox vs. Maytag AC comparison of air conditioners, don't let those multiple commercials about the Maytag man and all the free time he has on his hands sway you from Lennox. Lennox is known for their virtually service-free operation, and the company could easily make a commercial just like that about their service department too.

Maytag air conditioners

Maytag ACMaytag essentially wrote the book on dependability. What sets it apart from many of the leading brands is that it offers a huge selection of different AC unit options, including around 20 different units. This makes it easy to choose a home cooling unit to fit nearly any budget and need.

Maytag also offers some units that both heat and cool so you maintain the optimal comfort year round — from one system. 

One particular Maytag AC model beloved for its efficiency is the Maytag PSA4BI iQ Drive unit. It has a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) of 24.5, which is about two times the minimum rating that the EPA requires in air conditioning systems. This unit earned the distinction of "Most Efficient" under the Energy Star program.

Maytag prices can vary widely. The 5-ton unit mentioned above will run roughly $4,500. A 2-ton unit is much cheaper, running around $1,400. 

Warranty info

In terms of warranty offerings and your Lennox vs. Maytag AC comparison, both Lennox and Maytag offer superb warranty and service. The Lennox XC21 comes with a 10-year limited warranty on covered components and its compressor.

The Maytag PSA4BI comes with a 12-year warranty, making Maytag the leader in this regard. 

Keep in mind any air conditioning unit, be it Maytag or Lennox, is only as good as the HVAC installer who puts it into service. If you're looking to hire a contractor to install your air conditioner, connect with HVAC installers in your area who can provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate. They can discuss air conditioner prices with you to help you to better conduct your Lennox vs. Maytag AC comparison.

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