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Lennox vs Ruud AC prices, pros and cons

Find out if Lennox or Ruud ACs will help you beat the heat wave.

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When the weather starts warming up, there's only so much a window-mounted air conditioner can do to cool your home. Lennox vs. Ruud AC units are a hot debate among homeowners who are trying to decide which manufacturer is best.

While both Lennox and Ruud have their pros and cons, neither manufacturer is automatically superior, so your air conditioner should be chosen based on what's best for your individual needs. 

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What they offer

Lennox vs Ruud ACsFirst, it's important to note Ruud has multiple specialties, including HVAC products, air conditioners, water heaters and commercial products. Lennox, on the other hand, specializes in home cooling and heating, including boilers, furnaces, air conditioners and smart thermostats.

While neither manufacturer specializes solely in air conditioners, you might prefer going with a manufacturer that focuses on home cooling instead of multiple home improvement services. Generally speaking, customer service tends to be better with companies that specialize in the product you're interested in, but both manufacturers have good reputations for quality customer service.

The look

In terms of appearance, Lennox and Ruud air conditioners are very similar. However, Lennox AC units usually have rounded edges and a homier look in comparison to Ruud’s industrial style units, which are designed to save space as opposed to looking attractive.

Even if you plan on keeping your air conditioner out of sight, you might prefer the Lennox units for their sleek appearance unless you need to save on space. In that case, you might prefer an air conditioner with an exterior designed to be as efficient as possible.


Ruud ACaAs far as pricing goes in the Lennox vs. Ruud AC debate, it's difficult to find pricing information on Ruud air conditioners while Lennox is up front about the cost of its units. Lennox even has a convenient pricing guide that sorts its air conditioner prices from least expensive to most costly.

Neither manufacturer is necessarily less expensive across the board, but Lennox does offer better deals in general and frequently holds sales. Additionally, Lennox is up front about its AC unit reviews and posts them directly on its website.

Installation and warranty

Of course, when you hire a contractor, he will work to get you a deal regardless of which side of the Lennox vs. Ruud AC debate you decide on. Your contractor can also get an exact estimate of how much it will cost to install air conditioner units in your home.

Hiring a contractor is always recommended when it comes to home improvement, even if you have experience installing air conditioners and other units. Your manufacturer warranty will usually cover damage done by your contractor to your home and unit, but if you do the damage yourself without hiring a contractor, your warranty will be voided.

Installing an air conditioner might seem straightforward, but accidents do occur. It's always best to make sure you're covered just in case. Hiring a contractor is never less expensive than repairing the unit or your home after an accident occurs.

Choosing something as important as an air conditioner can be a difficult decision, especially if you're comparing manufacturers that have positives and negatives. If this comparison between Lennox vs. Ruud AC units didn't make up your mind, discuss your options further with various contractors and receive estimates and warranty info

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