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Low-VOC paint for nurseries: 5 top brands

Do your research on no- and low-VOC paint for nurseries. Protect your newborn.

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Do it right. Research low-VOC paint for nurseries. Photo by Benjamin Moore.You're having a baby, and you want to ensure everything is perfect when you bring your baby home. One of the most important topics to consider is how to paint your nursery. No- or low-VOC paint for nurseries will protect the air your child breathes. 

When having a nursery painted, most people will avoid using lead paint and go directly for nontoxic paints. Although some people presume nontoxic paints are good when having the interior of your home painted, it's possible that some are not aware of no-VOC paints.

To put it simply, VOC is an abbreviation for volatile organic compounds. You can usually find these compounds in paints. They may contribute to respiratory conditions as well as memory impairment.

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As reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studies have shown that indoor levels of air pollutants in many instances are more harmful than the quality of air outside of your own home. Part of this is due to an accumulation of pollutants in an environment that lacks ventilation.

In essence, we keep our doors and windows closed for a good portion of the year due to the cold in the winter or air-conditioning in the summer.

Furthermore, our homes have chemicals from the products we buy. This includes cleaning products, furniture and the paints we use. Knowing this, it's best to use environmentally friendly products like nontoxic paints. 

Consumer Reports's review inncluded:

    • Benjamin Moore's Regal Eggshell, Natura and Aura linesSemi-Gloss did not make the grade.
    • Mythic Paint, a no-VOC paint, received low scores.
    • Behr Premium Plus Ultra, an ecofriendly paint, scored higher.

If you're considering having your nursery painted, find a contractor to assist you with your interior design needs. To learn more about painting prices, see "Painting square foot cost: a how-to review."

When you're expecting a baby, there's no doubt that this is a busy time for you and your family. With this in mind, if you're still ruminating over paint colors, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute offers a cautionary point regarding base paints and colorants: Even if you are using a no- or low-VOC base paint, the process of adding a colorant may contribute additional volatile organic compounds.

In addition, Good Housekeeping's choice for paint was Ace Royal. It scored well with the magazine's top concerns during testing. However, the article did note it was easily marred and not a good choice of paint for a children's playroom if you go too bold.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing the type of paint required for your nursery. If you need further information regarding painting estimates or low-VOC paint for nurseries, ask your professional painter.

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Photo credit: Benjamin Moore.