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Marvin vs Simonton windows: a comparison guide

Discover Marvin vs Simonton windows, and factors to consider when window shopping.

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Marvin vs Simonton windows: Which one is right for your home? Seen here is Marvin windows.Homeowners consider window replacement for a number of reasons such as home energy costs, damage from age and weather, or something as simple as aesthetics. Consider Marvin vs Simonton windows in your search.

Overview of window styles

Windows come in a assortment of styles. This is true for both Marvin and the Simonton brands.

If you're only interested in window replacement, this may help in narrowing your choices. But if you are installing new windows, you should know the types of windows that are available to you. Marvin has a wide array to choose from including double hung, casement, awning, glider, bay and bow, special shaperound, toptilt turn and hopper.

Not to be outdone, the Simonton brand features double hung, two-lite slider, awning, picture, geometric, bay, bow, garden window, two-lite horizontal roller, single hung, single slider, geometric top single hung, casement and awning.

Marvin windows allows for numerous options in the creations of your windows. You can choose to use wood or metal and varied types of hinges to make your windows your own. Simonton windows offer a myriad of collections to choose from within the Simonton brand.

As you can see, there are many choices to peruse. However, this is not your only consideration.

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Pricing considerations

Whether you're looking for replacement windows or newly constructed windows, the cost will vary. There are a number of factors to consider that will influence pricing when it comes to window selection:

    • Scale of the project.
    • Style and number of windows.
    • Replacement windows.
    • Newly constructed windows.
    • Contractor installation.

Once you make the decision to install windows, your next consideration is obtaining an estimate to get the best deal. Connect with contractors now and find out information regarding installation, estimates and a windows price rate.

Energy Tax Credit

Simonton windowsA handy thing to keep in mind, especially for budget-savvy consumers, is the Federal Energy Tax Credit. If you follow Energy Star guidelines by purchasing energy-efficient windows, you can reduce energy bills and obtain a tax credit.

The total credit allowed is up to 10 percent of the windows cost and providing this doesn't exceed $200. This tax break does not include installation costs.

If this tax credit is of interest to you, please keep in mind both brands of windows, Marvin as well as Simonton, have a wide selection of energy-efficient windows eligible for this tax break. 

If you're interested in replacing windows or if you are considering constructing windows in a new addition of your home, Reply! has resources for you. If you're ready to make a decision, but have a few questions, ask a contractor about Marvin vs Simonton windows today.

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