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Marvin Windows prices reviewed

Get the details on Marvin Windows prices and brands. Do you see your home with Marvin Windows?

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Marvin Windows prices are higher than their competitors, yet worth the extra investment.Marvin has a reputation for producing high-quality, aesthetically appealing windows that enhance the look and increase the energy efficiency of any home. Marvin Windows prices depend on the type of window and the materials used for it.

Marvin produces windows under its own brand, the Integrity brand and the Infinity brand. This resource looks at the windows price for each brand. Marvin produces many different window designs, but this resource uses a standard-size double-hung window as a frame of comparison for Marvin windows prices.

Marvin Ultimate windows

Marvin calls the double-hung windows it produces Ultimate windows. At $800 to $900, these windows are the highest price point of the different brands of windows Marvin makes.

Marvin Ultimate windows feature:

    • Argon insulating glass,
    • Bare wood interiors.
    • All-wood, brick-mold casing.

They are made of the highest-quality materials, and there are numerous style options you can choose from. The cost for Marvin Ultimate double-hung windows depends on which of these options you would choose and the difficulty of installing the windows in your home.

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Marvin Infinity windows

Infinity windows by Marvin are made of Ultrex, a durable fiberglass. Although Ultrex is a synthetic material, Marvin designs these windows to have the natural look of wood. In addition to lasting a long time and looking great, Infinity windows also help hold heat inside the house.

They are at the middle price point in Marvin's line, costing $600 to $800 to install. There are a few style choices for these windows, so the exact price depends largely on which style you would choose.

When you combine the lower cost of the windows with the money you save on energy bills, it's easy to see that Infinity windows are worth its value.

Marvin Integrity windows

Integrity windows by Marvin also use Ultrex in their construction. They may be made entirely of Ultrex or they may have real wood interiors. The difference in construction creates a great deal of variance in the price of Integrity windows.

A standard-size double-hung Integrity window costs $500 to purchase and install on the low end, and $800 on the high end. There are fewer style options for these windows than the ones in the Infinity and Ultimate lines. Cost therefore depends more on whether or not you opt for wood interiors and the difficulty of installing the windows in your home.

Each Marvin brand produces high-quality windows that look great and help keep your home well-insulated. Marvin Windows prices differ a great deal across the three brands. They vary even more when you're choosing between different designs.

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