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Maytag air conditioners: pros, cons and costs

A comprehensive guide to Maytag air conditioners and prices — completely made in the U.S.A.

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Maytag air conditioners feature the highest SEERs. Seen here is the PSA4BI iQ Drive.Maytag makes home life more convenient with its well-designed appliances and more comfortable with their HVAC systems. Maytag air conditioners are powerful and efficient, keeping both the temperatures in your house and your energy bills down through hot, humid summers.

If you're considering purchasing a Maytag air conditioner, you should be aware of the pros, cons and costs of choosing Maytag for home cooling.

One of the advantages of choosing Maytag is the company offers a broad selection of AC systems to choose from. Maytag produces about 20 different units, providing a home-cooling solution to fit any residential need and any budget.

You can also purchase units that provide heating in addition to cooling, giving you year-round regulation of your home's climate from the same system.

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Energy efficiency

Maytag air conditioners have a reputation for efficiency. The Maytag PSA4BI iQ Drive has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of 24.5, which is nearly twice the U.S. government's minimum rating required for an air conditioner. This rating earned the unit a Energy Star Most Efficient designation in 2012.


Another advantage of buying your air conditioner from Maytag is that the company offers a long-lasting warranty. Maytag covers the compressors on its units for 12 years and also provides a 12-year limited warranty on all other parts. This is longer than the 10 years that most other companies offer.

Maytag offers a longer warranty because it's confident in the durability of its air conditioners. Those who prefer to buy American-made products will be happy to know that Maytag designs, engineers and assembles all of its air conditioners in Missouri and Tennessee.

Maytag's longer warranty is an advantage over competitors, but if you're considering buying a Maytag air conditioner, you should be aware that you must register your unit in order to receive the full warranty. Maytag covers parts and compressors in unregistered units for only five years instead of 12.

AC installation

As dependable as Maytag air conditioners are, their long-term integrity largely depends on the competence of the installer. Mistakes during installation of a Maytag air conditioner can lead to numerous service calls in the following years. Installing a Maytag is challenging as well, so it's important to find a contractor who knows how to install air-conditioner systems. Furthermore, visits from Maytag servicemen cost money even if the malfunctioning part is under warranty.

Maytag air conditioners prices

Air conditioner prices for Maytag vary greatly. Your location, the contractor you use, and the difficulty of installation influence the price. At the high price point, a 5-ton Maytag 1200 Series PSA4BI iQ Drive air conditioner costs around $4,500.

At the low price point, 2-ton Maytag 120 Series MSA4BD air conditioner costs about $1,400. Many other options are available between these two price points, so you should be able to find a Maytag air-conditioning system that fits your budget.

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Maytag has a good reputation for its air conditioners because they are efficient, dependable and have good warranties. Maytag also offers a broad selection with something to meet every budget. The drawbacks to choosing Maytag air conditioners are that the longer warranty only applies to registered units and that a less-than-perfect installation can lead to problems. You can find a capable Maytag contractor and an accurate air conditioner estimate on Reply!

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