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Mobile home air conditioning pricing guide

Find options for your mobile home air conditioning, including prices and tips.

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What are your mobile home air conditioning choices? Photo by d_vdm on Flickr.When it comes to mobile home air conditioning, you have many of the same AC and home-cooling options as traditional home owners. While system performance and efficiency are important to consider when choosing mobile home air conditioning units, mobile home owners are as concerned with air conditioner prices as everyone else.

Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are probably the most obvious option. If you have a small home without a lot of square footage, a window air conditioner or two may be all you need to keep the entire space cool. Window units are ideal for bedroom air conditioning.

Make sure that your windows can handle a window air conditioner. Ensure that you measure your square footage accurately. The number of British thermal units (BTUs) that you'll need will depend on the square footage of the room that you're trying to cool.

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Buying a unit that is too big for the space doesn't necessarily mean that you'll end up with an ultra-cool space. Air conditioners that are too large don't run efficiently and can end up making the room feel damp and clammy. Air conditioners that are too small have to work too hard, and you'll end up wasting money.

Prices for window air conditioners start as low as $125 for 5,000 BTUs.

Mini split air conditioners

When it comes to mobile home air conditioning, homeowners can also try mini split air conditioners, also called split air conditioners or ductless air conditioners. They are split into two sections. Mini split units don't use ductwork but instead are connected by a condensate line, coolant lines and electrical lines. One part of the unit is located inside, and the other part is located outside.

In terms of pricing, these units fall right between window air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. They are more difficult to install than window air conditioners, so you'll need an experienced HVAC contractor to do the installation for you. Make sure you get an air conditioner estimate before you do.

Mini split air conditioners cost as low as $600 for the least powerful models and go up from there.

Indoor cooling coils

Indoor cooling coils are another option when it comes to mobile home air conditioning. An indoor cooling coil, also called an evaporator coil, is installed with your furnace or air handler. The coil has refrigerant inside that absorbs heat from air that goes over it. It works with your heater in winter and with your cooling system during the summer.

Cooling coils typically cost around $300.

Check out Reply! for more information about how to cool your mobile home. Speak to a contractor before starting your install. Air conditioner installation doesn't have to be out of your price range if you do your research ahead of time. When you're done, your mobile home air conditioning unit can be installed, and you'll be ready to enjoy the summer.

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Photo credit: d_vdm via Compfight CC.