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  • Modular and prefabricated room additions: an overview of leading suppliers

Modular and prefabricated room additions: an overview of leading suppliers

On a budget and need more space? Modular and prefrabricated room additions may be your answer.

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C-Thru Sunrooms' Alpha Line additionThe starter home that you buy as a young couple can quickly make you feel like the walls are closing in on you. That is why several manufacturers offer modular and prefabricated room additions. These kits give you the same amount of space that additions would, but at a fraction of the cost.


C-Thru Sunrooms' Alpha Line addition

You can choose from kits that resemble a sun porch or enclosed porch, or opt for one that gives you an extra bedroom or home office.

Building an addition onto your home is a simple way to give your family more space. You might need a guest room, a bedroom for a new child, a game room or even an office or den for working from home.

When you talk to a contractor about the job, you might be surprised at the overall cost. By the time you factor in the cost of labor and materials, a 100-square-foot room can cost you about $40,000. Modular additions and room kits are much cheaper because the manufacturer assumes that you will do the job yourself.

The popularity of modular room additions grew in the months following Hurricane Katrina. Small prefabricated homes from FEMA began appearing around New Orleans, and homeowners started using those same types of homes across the country. Now known as Katrina Cottages, the homes are available from Lowe's and other retailers, including Cusato Cottages and a company called Katrina Cottages.

Plans for the small houses begin at $700, and you can find pre-built homes starting at around $15,000. Many homeowners use these small buildings as extra rooms by attaching the homes to one side of their house and adding a doorway to connect the spaces.

Most modular room additions are fairly basic. You get the walls, roof and floor in the kit, but anything else you need costs extra, including doors and windows. You must also deal with laying down a foundation that keeps the room firmly above ground.

One of the newest trends in the world of DIY involves prefabricated room additions. Also known as kits, you get the equipment that you need for adding a room onto your home, but you might still spend several weeks or more working on the project. C-Thru Sunrooms, Elite Pre-Fab Homes, North Country Creative Structures and SunPorch are a few companies that specialize in prefabricated rooms.

Adding more space to your home once meant a costly investment, but there are now many cheaper options available. You can purchase the plans for an addition for less than $1,000, which gives you the chance to customize the room for your needs.

Make Reply! your go-to guide when building additions on your home or creating new rooms. You can find information on modular and prefabricated room options and the steps that you need to take to add one to your home. You can also be connected with area installers that will provide you with free quotes.

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