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Monitronics home security monitoring system: pros, cons and costs

Your complete guide on Monitronics and their home security systems. Learn everything you need to know about the company and products.

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Monitronics Security SystemsHome security is a topic that is of increasing concern among many homeowners today. Researching Monitronics home security prices is a good way to obtain the information you need to determine whether this is the right security system for your needs and budget.

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Monitronics International has been in business since 1994. The company has quickly developed a reputation as a security industry leader. In particular, Monitronics is known for providing live, hands-free communication between its monitoring center and customers.

The company is headquartered in Dallas and provides both fire alarm and burglar monitoring services through cellular and landline services.

Monitronics works similar to many other home security companies. A signal is sent automatically to the Monitronics central monitoring station. A representative will then contact you using a two-way communication system and ask you to provide a unique password. In the event that the monitoring center is not able to contact you or if a wrong password is provided, the proper authorities are dispatched to your home. The two-way monitoring system ensures your privacy, because you are the only person who is able to activate the alarm system.

If you choose Monitronics to install residential alarm systems in your home, there are several options available. The most basic system includes up to three wireless monitors, a wireless motion detector and a home alarm. A control panel is operated via either a wireless backup or a cellular system. The benefit to this is that no landline is required.

All home security systems through Monitronics provide around-the-clock monitoring, as well as two-way voice communication. There are also several advanced options available, including heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.

When you decide to install Monitronics home security system equipment, there are no upfront costs involved. Instead, security equipment is leased as part of your contract. Many homeowners may find this to be an advantage, as there are no expensive equipment fees required.

Monitronics provides a lifetime limited warranty for all of its equipment. This means that the company will repair, replace and maintain any equipment as necessary throughout the life of your contract. A contract with the company is required, which is something you will need to consider. Prices for basic contracts begin at around $32 per month. More advanced packages cost more per month.

Monitronics sales representatives are available to visit you at your home and perform a security analysis to assist you in determining which security system is best for your needs.

A home security system and monitoring service can help protect your home from invasion. Monitronics will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your family, belongings and home.

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