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Murray electrical panels: pros, cons and costs

If you plan to remove the outdated fuse box in your home and switch to circuit breakers, Murray electrical panels are among the best panel upgrades available.

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Murray electrical panelsMurray has been known to deliver electrical products that boast quality, reliability and innovation. If you plan to remove the outdated fuse box in your home and switch to circuit breakers, Murray electrical panels are among the best panel upgrades available.

Before heading to the hardware store, you must consider your electricity needs and research the right upgrade to ensure that the product you choose can handle your target electrical power. You should also assess the benefits, drawbacks and costs involved in switching to an electrical panel.

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An electrical panel is also known as a load center, breaker box or service panel. It is a steel box that houses several circuit breakers that are connected to circuits via electrical wirings.

Because they prevent wiring damage during electrical shorts, circuit breakers play an important part in safe power distribution throughout your home. They are similar to fuse technology, which also interrupts power during an overload.

One good reason why modern homes prefer circuit breakers instead of the outdated fuse technology is because you can reset circuit breakers easily. During power surges, simply reset the circuit breaker to blow out your fuse. Then, replace the fuse to resume your power.

Circuit breakers are also safer since most of their electrical connections aren't exposed, reducing the risk of electrocution and other electrical hazards.

Murray electrical panels have been designed to withstand the most intensive conditions. To accomplish such a feat, Murray products offer at least one of following features:

    • Factory-installed main breaker.
    • Rigid cover or trim and specially patterned ribs to enhance durability.
    • Ability to convert the main breaker to the main lug and vice-versa.
    • Integrated trim tabs for straightforward mounting.
    • Transfer mechanism switches for power outages.

Electrical panels don't provide extra power to your home. As you use more appliances, your power demands increase, and you will need a new breaker panel that can handle more power. You might also need to buy new accessories, such as cables and an electrical meter, which must be compatible with the panel.

The initial costs of installing Murray electrical panels can be undeniably more expensive than fuse replacements. Repairs can also be costly should breakdowns occur. Circuit breakers are also not as sensitive as fuses when detecting surges in power. This can potentially damage connected electronics in your home when electrical energy flows through.

Despite the pros and cons of electrical panels, many homeowners use them. However, certain power applications still require the older fuse technology. Choosing which overload protection is appropriate for your home is best left for your electrician and utility company to determine.

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