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  • Nest and Bryant air conditioners: a compatibility overview

Nest and Bryant air conditioners: a compatibility overview

In most cases, Nest thermostats and Bryant air conditioners are compatible. Read on to find out more.

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Nest and Bryant. Photo by ★ on Flickr.You may be able to save an average of $180 per year by installing a programmable thermostat. You'll need to determine if your digital thermostat is going to be compatible with your AC. Nest and Bryant are two popular, compatible brands.

The Nest Learning thermostat is a Wi-Fi based home energy solution that learns your habits. You can easily control your thermostat settings on the thermostat itself. If you are not home or simply don't want to move from your couch, you can install a Nest thermostat to control your system remotely.

The learning thermostat will keep track of your energy usage schedule and adapt to it in order to help you save energy. 

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When trying to determine if your Nest and Bryant equipment are compatible, you should look at which type of Bryant air conditioner you have. The Nest thermostat is designed to work primarily with low-voltage systems. However, it cannot work with every low-voltage system.

If your system is a proprietary system, it may not work with a Nest thermostat. Similarly, this thermostat won't work with high-impedance systems and may not work with systems that are based on microcontrollers. However, the right contractor may be able to install a wire that can override either of these issues. 

Nest and Bryant may be compatible in some cases, according to Nest. In other cases, Bryant HVAC systems will not work with an AC thermostat from Nest.

Peel off the cover of your thermostat to determine if your air conditioner is compatible. If you spot thick wires that are grouped together with wire nuts, a Nest thermostat will not work with your system.

If not, you should make notes about which wires you see. You may see wires labeled with letters like R, W, Y, O and B. In some cases, these letters will have a number next to them.

If you carefully note which wires you have, you should be able to make a determination about whether or not a Nest thermostat will work with your home cooling system.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some people to work through the steps above. This can become even more complicated if your wires have two labels. Rather than despairing, you should simply contact a contractor.

A contractor can easily tell you whether or not a Nest Learning thermostat will work with your Bryant air conditioner. If your current system is not compatible, he can help you find and install an air conditioner that is right for your needs.

Get a free air conditioner estimate from contractors, and ask them all the questions you have about Nest and Bryant air conditioners. Your new contractor might also be able to offer you great bonuses, like an extended warranty. Get your 4 free cooling estimates!


Photo credit: ★ via Compfight CC.