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Nest and York: a compatibility overview

With Nest and York products, you'll never worry about your home energy needs again.

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Nest and YorkNest Learning Thermostat adapts itself to your behavior. Nest works perfectly with air conditioners from York. With these two products in your home, you're sure to save.

Do you find yourself wincing every time a new energy bill arrives in your mailbox? With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can reduce your bills by up to 20 percent. The Nest thermostat lets you enter the minimum and maximum temperature that you want your house set at when you're not there.


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You can also connect the thermostat to your HVAC system and designate different areas of your home. It's then a simple matter of setting the temperature in each room to meet your comfort level.

The thermostat learns the temperatures and settings that you like and adjust itself to those temperatures throughout the day.

With Nest for iPhone, you can change your thermostat settings on the go, which will help you even more when it comes to saving energy.

Nest works directly with many heating and cooling systems. Nest and York products work well together. Nest thermostats use a Wi-Fi signal that gives you more control over your AC. You can turn on the air to cool down your house on your way home from work, keep your home at a comfortable temperature for your pets, or keep the house warm while you're on vacation. With Nest and York products, you'll never worry about your home energy needs again. 

You can get in touch with a contractor today to request an air conditioner estimate, learn more about air conditioner prices, or schedule an appointment to install air conditioner units that work with your thermostat. Your contractor can handle the wiring involved in connecting your AC to a Nest thermostat. 

Although these thermostats work with different products, you may wish to upgrade your system with York air conditioners. York sells a variety of AC units that meet the home cooling needs of everyone in your family. With the right contractor, you can install air conditioner units, find out how much a new thermostat costs, and ensure that installing your new air conditioner won't void its warranty.

Why settle for an older heating and cooling system that might not meet your needs? With older systems, you constantly need to adjust the thermostat, change the temperature, and worry about wasting energy when you're not home. Nest and York products can meet all of you needs. Once you decide on those products, you can find the right contractor to install a cooling system in minutes.

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