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  • Nest thermostat vs Homewerks Radio prices, pros and cons: a guide

Nest thermostat vs Homewerks Radio prices, pros and cons: a guide

A look at Nest thermostat vs Homewerks Radio shows you can lower energy bills and change the temperature of your home while on the go.

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You can't go wrong with a Nest thermostat vs Homewerks Radio comparison. Photo by Nest on Flickr.If you ever wanted to feel like you were living in "The Jetsons" or any other sci-fi show, now is your chance. Smart thermostats learn to anticipate your needs and give you freedom from your thermostat. A Nest thermostat vs. Homewerks Radio thermostat comparison will help you choose a thermostat that your whole family can use.

When comparing the Nest thermostat vs. Homewerks Radio thermostat, you might wonder how much time it takes to install one of these devices. The Nest Learning thermostat installs in minutes The company claims that it's not any harder to install than an ordinary light switch.

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This programmable thermostat has a special feature that lets you save money every day. You can pick the temperature that you want in your home for up to seven days at a time. With Nest, you can schedule temperature changes throughout the day. Keep your home at a moderate temperature when you're at work and the kids are at school, and schedule the air conditioner or heater to kick on right before you come home.

Homewerks Radio CT 80 thermostatThe Homewerks Radio thermostat is available in three different models that have easy-to-use push-button controls. The CT 30 and CT 80 have touchscreen controls.

The CT 80 is similar to the Nest thermostat, because it can monitor your home while you're gone. It gives you a full report that details the amount of energy that you use every day. You can use the report to change the thermostat settings and your habits.

With Homewerks Radio, you can automatically change the temperature up to three times every day.

One of the best features of a digital thermostat is that you can control the thermostat settings on the go. Saving energy has never been easier. You don't have to face high energy bills.

As you compare the Nest thermostat vs. Homewerks Radio thermostat, get in touch with your contractor. A contractor can tell you the thermostat costs, cost of installation, and give you an air conditioner estimate.

If you decide to add new products in addition to a digital thermostat, your contractor can handle all of your AC installation needs. Be sure you understand the warranty of your products as well.

A Nest thermostat vs. Homewerks Radio comparison gives you more control over your home. Use Reply! to compare and contrast thermostats and HVAC units. Get started saving money today and connect with a contractor.

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Photo credit: Nest via Compfight CC.