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  • Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD: an overview

Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD: an overview

Take a look at Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD, a smart thermostat vs. programmable thermostat. Which is right for your home?

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Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD — which will it be? Photo by Nest on Flickr.When you need to replace your thermostat, you might look at the newest smart and programmable options on the market. A Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD comparison is an easy way to gain insight into how these products work.

The Nest option is a smart thermostat, which means that it follows your behavior and learns your preferences. When comparing a Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD thermostat, you might note that the digital thermostat Honeywell offers doesn't come with this feature.

As one of the top thermostat brands, Nest wanted to make its newest device stand out from the crowd. After your contractor finishes the thermostat installation, you can start working with the device. You can label different rooms in your home and select a different temperature for each one.

The Nest Learning Thermostat gives you complete temperature control from anywhere in the world. You can log into the system from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to adjust the temperature of your home.

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As you compare a Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD thermostat, you need to look at the thermostat costs, Nest pricing vs. Honeywell pricing and how each device can help you when it comes to saving energy.

Honeywell Prestige HDThe programmable thermostat from Honeywell lets you decide on a daily temperature for a period of seven days. Once you decide on those temperatures, the device will automatically adjust itself to the proper temperature each day. You can also program the thermostat to work with an outdoor device, and it will give you the current climate so that you can adjust the temperature as needed.

When it comes to saving on your home energy bills, you want a thermostat replacement that gives you more control. The five-year warranty on the Honeywell thermostat gives you more protection when you install air conditioner units to work with the device.

With Honeywell, you can also choose from one of three language settings: English, Spanish or French.

The Nest thermostat lets you replace thermostat products that you already have and gives you more control while on the go without worrying about your AC or HVAC system. Both thermostats are solid units that you can get an estimate on at the same time as your air conditioner estimate. You might want to take a look at air conditioner prices when you install a new thermostat to upgrade your existing system. However, each of these thermostats will meet your home cooling needs even if you don't upgrade your AC.

Turn to Reply! when you need help with a home improvement project, need to hire an HVAC contractor or just want to compare products that you're interested in using around your house. You can learn everything that you need to know before you start a Nest thermostat vs. Honeywell Prestige HD thermostat comparison. You can even compare these products to some of the other popular smart and programmable thermostats now available.

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First photo credit: Nest via Compfight CC.