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  • Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity: a smart guide

Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity: a smart guide

Don't be dumb when it comes to your energy bills. Be smart with this guide on Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity.

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It can be tricky deciding between a Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity thermostat. In the end, you'll make a smart choice. Photo by ★ on Flickr. Smart thermostats represent the next generation in home heating and cooling technology. If you are considering replacing your existing thermostat, take a closer look at Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity thermostat. Reviewing each of these models will give you a sense of what a smart thermostat can do for your home.

Many homeowners choose to replace an existing AC thermostat at the same time that they choose to install air conditioner components or a new HVAC system. Smart thermostats can do many things that traditional digital thermostats simply cannot. The Nest Learning thermostat and the Carrier Infinity thermostat lines offer some key benefits for homeowners, including:

    • Energy usage tracking.
    • On-screen temperature display.
    • Programmable thermostat options.
    • Home and away thermostat settings.
    • Remote access for mobile devices.

In a Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity comparison, you will find that both thermostats are designed to mitigate home energy costs. The Nest thermostat will actually tell you when you are saving energy by showing a green leaf on the display panel. It can also give you valuable feedback about how and when you are using more energy.

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The Carrier Infinity thermostat offers both real-time energy usage tracking and a full history of your usage. You can use apps with Carrier and Nest for iPhone or Android devices, giving you the freedom to control your home cooling and heating environment from anywhere.

Carrier Infinity thermostatThe Carrier Infinity thermostat uses Wi-Fi accessibility to provide you with handy information, like your extended weather forecast.

Thermostat costs for this type of new technology might be higher than those for more traditional models, but the extra cost upfront can pay off in the long run. When you review a Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity thermostat comparison, you will find that only Nest makes its pricing readily available online.

You can purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat for $249 per unit, not including the cost of installation. An AC contractor can help you determine Carrier Infinity prices and can give you information about air conditioner prices and installation. The contractor will likely include this information in your air conditioner estimate, along with any applicable air conditioner and thermostat warranty details.

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Smart thermostats can do much more than just regulate the temperature in your home. With today's technology, thermostats can learn from your heating and cooling habits and work to optimize your energy savings, while keeping your home comfortable all year long. If you are considering the purchase and installation of a smart thermostat, be sure to conduct a Nest thermostat vs. Carrier Infinity thermostat comparison to determine which unit is best for your home.

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First photo credit: ★ via Compfight CC.