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When you weigh new air conditioner cost points, connect with qualified contractors to fill in the gaps.

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New air conditioner cost by Alan Cleaver on Flickr.When you're looking at a new air conditioner cost, you'll find they can be substantial. While the rates will vary in each situation, it typically costs between $2,000 and $6,000 to install a new air conditioner into a home.

Because of these costs, it's helpful to know all of the factors that can affect them, as well as how to find a reliable and affordable contractor to handle the installation for you.

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One aspect of new air conditioner costs is the unit you choose. Finding the cost of air conditioners on manufacturer's websites is challenging because they're typically sold through contractors or wholesellers, and not directly to the public.

However, no matter which manufacturer you choose, certain factors will affect the price of the unit. These factors include:

    • Size of the unit.
    • Seasonal energy efficiency ration (SEER) rating.
    • Brand model of the unit.
    • Extra features.

In general, plan to spend more if you need a larger unit and if you choose a unit with a high SEER rating. Talk to a qualified contractor to determine which unit will be best for your home

Installation cost is the second aspect of air conditioner prices. Because of the dangers of refrigerant, you'll need to hire a contractor to install your new AC unit. Many factors can impact the cost to install a new air conditioning, including:

    • Layout of the home.
    • Whether or not the home has existing ductwork.
    • Local rates for HVAC installation.
    • Competition from other contractors.
    • How complicated the system is to install. For instance, mini-split ductless air conditioner units seem easy to install, but  they're not.

When you request estimates on new air conditioners, make sure you get estimates from multiple contractors or companies. When you do, compare the costs to install the same unit. Then you'll know which company offers the most affordable installation prices.

When considering air conditioner prices, don't neglect to consider the long-term savings that come with higher efficiency. An efficient unit will cost more at the installation point, but you'll pay less in energy bills over its lifetime. You'll have to strike a balance between the cost of the new unit and the long-term savings.

You can use energy-efficiency calculators to determine how much you can save by upgrading to a more efficient unit.

Also, consider whether or not the AC unit comes with a warranty. A warranty may add to your new air conditioner cost, but the long-term savings that come from fewer repairs may make it worthwhile. 

As you're considering the costs to install an air conditioner, finding the right contractor can make all the difference. With a reliable contractor, you'll get a reasonable price and a job well done. When you weigh new air conditioner cost points, connect with qualified contractors to fill in the gaps.

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Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight CC.