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New Gibson AC cost

Gibson makes several central units that will cool your entire house. A new Gibson AC cost typically depends on the size of the unit.

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New Gibson AC costGibson makes several central units that will cool your entire house. A new Gibson AC cost typically depends on the size of the unit.

Larger units cost more than smaller units. No matter which one you buy, you'll need to factor in the cost of installation.

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Gibson makes nearly every type of air conditioner you can imagine. The company manufactures rooftop systems, split systems and two-stage systems.

Split systems are the most common option. These units feature seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) of 13 and up. This number shows you how much energy it takes for the device to run.

With air conditioners, a higher SEER number is better. Gibson makes ACs with ratings of up to 16.

Regardless of which new air conditioning option you choose, you'll need to hire a contractor who can install it for you.

A new Gibson AC cost starts at around $500. These cheaper models are usually energy efficient, but the models are best suited for smaller homes.

Air conditioner prices only give you an idea about the cost of the unit itself and not the installation or labor. By the time you factor in those costs, a new air conditioner can cost $2,000 or more.

Don't decide that the cost is too high and you'll do the job yourself, because you risk damaging your HVAC system and voiding your warranty. Request a meeting for a free estimate,a nd then hire a contractor to install for you.

When you buy new air conditioning from Gibson, you'll need to register your AC with the company. The company then gives you a 10-year limited warranty on all parts and a one-year quality pledge on the compressor. You'll need to register your unit within 60 days.

If you need additional coverage, you can purchase an extended warranty plan. The extended plan will cause your new Gibson AC cost to rise. But the plans cover extra costs, like labor.

With the included warranty plan, Gibson only covers the cost of parts and not the installation of those parts.

Gibson offers financing plans for approved buyers.

Before you decide on a specific unit, you need to ensure it will work in your home and keep all areas as cool as you need. Talk with a contractor about new Gibson AC cost and sizing, and he can help you choose the right unit.

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