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New Payne AC cost

You might be worried by the cost of a new Payne AC, but the company has several units with different prices to fit your needs.

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New Payne AC cost: Shown here is a Payne with a 13 SEER rating.When you decide that you can't face another summer of heat, it's time to look at central air. As one of the leading manufacturers of central air, Payne is sure to have something that you like. The main thing on your mind might be the new Payne AC cost, but the company has several units with different prices to fit the needs of homeowners.

New air conditioners from Payne include the PA13NA, PA16NA and the PA17NA. The number in between the letters of each model name refers to the seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER). The SEER helps you see how much energy each unit uses.

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You want the highest SEER you can afford because this means the AC unit uses less energy, which means lower bills.

You might notice that the largest unit is the PA13NA, while the other two units have a smaller size. Payne guarantees its products will run efficiently and quietly. 

The new Payne AC cost starts at around $1,900 for the PA13NA, but the price can also rise to more than $5,000. The price depends on the size of the unit. Payne has air conditioners in a 2-ton, 3-ton, 4-ton and 5-ton model.

Your contractor might pay less than half that price for the unit, but the rest of the new air conditioner cost comes from the cost of labor and installation.

The PA16NA has a cost of around $2,400. Air conditioner prices for Payne units can reach as high as $6,500.

When you install air conditioner units in your home, you need to hire a contractor. Meet with contractors before installing the new air conditioning unit, and request an estimate first. The contractor can even help you pick out the perfect unit for your home. 

Payne offers a 10-year limited warranty on all of its air conditioners. As long as you register your new AC within 90 days after the contractor installs it, you can use the warranty to offset the new Payne AC cost. You won't face high repair bills or pay out of pocket for replacement parts within the first ten years of ownership.

If you forget to register or register late, the company will only cover your unit for five years.

The HVAC technician who installs your unit might also give you a warranty that covers future labor costs. 

Buying a new air conditioner is easy, especially if you have a brand in mind. Choose an AC that can cool every area of your house, and make sure that the unit fits your home improvement budget.

Find qualified contractors with experience installing units from Payne. Your contractor will even help you get the best deal, and you might find that your new Payne AC cost drops when you work with a good contractor.

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