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New Rheem AC cost

Identifying your new Rheem AC cost is important in providing the optimal system for your home without drastically increasing your energy bills.

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New Rheem AC costIf you have settled on the Rheem brand, you can further narrow your choices down to a few air conditioner models. Identifying your new Rheem AC cost is important in providing the optimal system for your home without drastically increasing your energy bills.

Known for durable, energy-efficient ACs, Rheem can provide the right unit for you.

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About Rheem ACs

First, you need to decide upon the features and efficiency you desire and keep them in mind as you check for air conditioner prices that are within your budget.

For instance, determining your savings in the long run requires finding out the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of a unit. A higher rating means better cooling at lower costs.

Rheem groups its air conditioners into three product categories — Value, Classic, and Prestige — that come with varying SEER ratings, price ranges, and features.

All units come with 10-year replacement warranty, as well as 10-year parts warranty.

Value Series

The cheapest option for your new Rheem AC cost is the company's Value Series of air conditioners. With AC systems having SEER ratings of up to 17, this product family provides the most practical energy savings and reliability at very affordable prices.

Features include a steel cabinet that safeguards your new air-conditioning unit from yard hazards and weathering. The fan motors are designed to operate at low and quiet speeds. The available models are also inconspicuous and can be installed and maintained easily.

The cost, including installation, ranges from $2,400 to $6,200.

Classic Series

If you want balance between comfort, energy savings and cost, the Classic Series is the perfect category for you. Models in this category have as high as 16 SEER.

The cabinet and design have been tested for durability, allowing units to withstand tough weather conditions. High and low pressure controls are available and easy accessible.

Rheem's Classic Series costs from $2,500 to $6,500.

Prestige Series

For the most luxurious units that Rheem has to offer, you can refer to models in the Prestige Series. Every AC unit comes with the same level of durability and comfort that the units in the other series offer. Furthermore, Prestige models have up to 19.5 SEER and guarantee the most efficient performance.

Additional exclusive features include the Comfort Control System and Active Protection that perform onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting.

While the initial, new Rheem AC cost for a model in this series is admittedly expensive, the long-term savings are worth the trouble. Prices range from $2,450 to $7,500.

Get in touch with a contractor to find the best estimate for your new Rheem AC cost. They can also provide assistance on AC sizing, additional warranty info if applicable, and how to install air conditioner accessories to make the most of your AC purchase.

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