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New Ruud AC cost

A new Ruud AC cost depends on the amount of work your home requires and the unit you choose.

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New Ruud AC costAdding or replacing the central air in your home can make life a little more comfortable for everyone in your family. Before you add a new unit, you'll likely want to know what that unit costs. A new Ruud AC cost depends on the amount of work your home requires and the unit you choose.

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Ruud makes six air conditioners you can install in your home. The central air units use a complex system that pulls humidity out of the air to make your house feel cooler.

You can choose from the:

    • Ultra Series.
    • Achiever Series.
    • Value Series.

The Ultra Series 2-Stage Serial Communicating unit has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of up to 19.5. While the Value Series Single Stage has a SEER of 17. The SEER gives you an idea about how much energy the AC unit uses. A higher number means that it uses less energy.

If the new Ruud AC cost seems a little too high, you might want to take a look at the warranty. A good warranty means the company will pay for repairs and replacements.

Ruud offers a limited warranty that varies depending on the model you buy. You'll either have a 10-year limited warranty or a five-year limited warranty. Both types cover the replacement of parts and the entire unit.

Before you attempt to install air conditioner units yourself, you need to know that it's a job best left to the experts. The type of AC unit you need depends on the square footage of your house. A contractor can determine the appropriate size. You can also ask for an estimate and find out the cost of various models before you decide.

A new Ruud AC cost might be around $900 for a Value Series unit or near $1,300 for a larger air conditioner. Before you settle on new air conditioning, make sure that you look at several air conditioners to find one that fits your home.

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