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Nursery colors for girls: paint ideas

Picking out nursery colors for girls is just the beginning of a fun, creative journey.

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Nursery colors for girls by jhiner on Flickr.When expecting, you have many things to look forward to. One of the most exciting stages of pregnancy is finding out the sex of your baby, followed by picking out all the fun decorative items for your baby's room. Picking out nursery colors for girls is just the beginning of a fun, creative journey.

Painting a nursery is so much more than just interior paint: It's an interior design project. Choosing the perfect nursery colors for girls is just the beginning. You'll have to pick out bedding, window treatment patterns and wall portraits that will coordinate with any paint colors you choose.

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Be sure to think about how you want the end result to appear before your painter adds any paint to the walls. With the right planning, this simple and creative process can be a blast from start to finish.

When choosing to paint your nursery, you'll need to do a few things first. Understanding the types of paint available for your interior paint selection is crucial to the type of finish you'll achieve for your chosen color scheme.

Make a list of the various nursery colors for girls that appeal to your aesthetics along with any items you'd like the room to have once completed. This will help you open up your options in terms of painting.

Stay away from stark whites, neon colors, greens that symbolize infirmaries or other medical facilities, and mustard yellows.

When researching contract painters, keep a few things in mind before making your final decision on whom to hire. You'll want to question your contractor concerning a few key aspects before you begin, including:

    • Project estimates.
    • Paint costs and other material estimates.
    • Contractor experience.

Hiring a contractor can save you time. As an expectant mother or father, you'll want everything to be perfect. With a contractor, you can expect additional costs to be involved with the creation of the project. This is why it's important to obtain project estimates from prospective contractors. It will ensure you're comfortable with the suggested price of the project before you begin.

In most estimates, contractors include the costs for all materials and labor involved. You'll want to be sure the cost of each aspect of the project is clearly stated in an itemized list. Ask your contractor to break down the costs of items, such as painting square foot costs, permits and labor for wall painting. Be sure you and your contractor are on the same page in terms of the end result.

Before signing any contracts, be familiar with the contractor's experience within the field. Find out whether or not the contractor is licensed and bonded before any work begins. Request to speak with past customers or see some type of previous work performed as well.

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Photo credit: jhiner via Compfight CC.