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  • Organic asphalt shingle roofing -- reviewing the pros, the cons and the costs

Organic asphalt shingle roofing -- reviewing the pros, the cons and the costs

A brief description and a summary of some pros and cons and costs involved in selecting organic asphalt shingle roofing

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Organic asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most common roofing types used.  It can be found throughout the country because it is an appropriate material good in a variety of climates. Before choosing any roofing system or material, buyers should be aware of some of the basic pros and cons as well as a range of average costs.

Organic Asphalt Shingles Pros

  • Low material costs
  • Easy installation
  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Wide range of styles

organic asphalt shinglesOrganic asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials available. An organic asphalt shingle is constructed using layers of recycled felt paper dipped in an asphalt coating to create a waterproof covering. This is covered with adhesive asphalt and ceramic granules for additional fire protection and the addition of color and texture.

Organic asphalt shingles are also long lasting, with many roofs lasting between 20 and 30 years before shingles begin to break or the adhesion breaks down between the shingles. The ceramic granules added during the manufacturing process come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing for a wide range of decorative options for the homeowner.

Organic Asphalt Shingles Cons

  • Limited installation periods
  • Subject to damage from inadequate attic ventilation

Organic asphalt shingles need to be installed when the temperatures are above freezing. The installation process requires the use of an adhesive that will not perform properly in freezing weather conditions.

Proper attic ventilation will cool down the temperature of the attic, but if the ventilation is insufficient, high attic temperatures may cause some damage to the shingles, creating warping that can leave the edges of the shingles exposed to high winds. Warping of the shingles increases the possibility of them being blown off in high wind conditions.

The sudden onset of extremely hot weather temperatures can have the same effect.

Organic Asphalt Shingles Costs

The cost of installing organic asphalt shingles will vary widely according to the region you live in and the manufacturer and model of the shingles you purchase. Roofing costs include not only the shingles themselves but also the cost of labor, which can differ greatly across the country.

The average cost of materials for covering a medium-pitch roof with organic asphalt shingles ranges from $1 -2 per square feet of rooftop covered. This estimate only covers the price of the shingles and does not include labor costs or the cost of related roofing materials such as flashing or vents.

Organic asphalt shingles can be commonly found on newly built homes as well as on those undergoing repairs remodels or full re-roofs.

A variety of manufacturers produce organic asphalt shingles, including CertainTeed, GAF, IKO, Owens Corning, and Malarkey.

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