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Payne heat pump prices, pros and cons

If you have decided to purchase a Payne heat pump for your home cooling and heating needs, you are making a smart move.

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Payne heat pumpIf you have decided to purchase a Payne heat pump for your home cooling and heating needs, you are making a smart move that will help you control the climate inside and save money on your energy bills.

Payne has been in operation since 1914. They created the first furnace that could be installed in the crawl space of a home. Today, the company is on the leading edge of the heating and cooling industry.

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The Payne heat pump is a two-part system. In addition to the outdoor unit, the pump has an indoor segment that features a fan coil, evaporator coil, and a blower or fan.

When purchasing a new heat pump, you will sometimes only need to purchase the outside component — the pump itself — because the part of the system that is inside the house may outlive the exterior unit. However, some HVAC contractors recommend replacing them both at the same time, since this helps to ensure that the system is reliable and efficient. It also puts the entire system on the same warranty schedule.

Payne offers three basic heat pumps that are differentiated by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Similar to the mpg rating that you look at when purchasing a vehicle, SEER ratings provide a way to compare the efficiency of Payne heat pumps and other heating and cooling units. The higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency of the heat pump. 

Payne PN16NA

Payne's PN16NA is their most efficient heat pump and has a SEER of 16. It offers two heating stages for enhanced dehumidification and added comfort. It provides enhanced protection of its outside coil unit with a deluxe grille design.

This model has several environmentally conscious upgrades, including chlorine-free refrigerant and a design that has a minimal effect on the environment thanks to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Payne PH15NB

The PH15NB has a SEER of 15. This Payne heat pump uses the chlorine-free refrigerant R-410-A , deemed to be better for the environment than the traditional R-22 refrigerant.

The PH15NB also features the deluxe grille housing for the outside coil unit.

Payne PH13NA

 Payne offers a 13-SEER unit, the PH13NA, which also uses the aforementioned EPA-approved refrigerant. The PH13NA is equipped with a durable standard grille to protect its outside coils.

Find an HVAC and AC contractor in your area. Before you hire a contractor to install a heat pump air conditioner, make sure to ask him for an installation estimate and warranty information for different Payne heat pump models. This is your best bet for solid pricing info in your area.

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