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Pella windows at Home Depot: not an option

Think you can purchase Pella windows at Home Depot? Think again. Read on to learn more about Pella windows.

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You cannot find Pella windows at Home Depot. Yet consider them for your home projects.Whether remodeling or building a new home, Pella windows are top notch. However, you won't find Pella windows at Home Depot. They are only available from Pella retailers and official Pella window and door showrooms.

Unlike Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement Centers sell Pella windows. There are some other retail home centers, lumberyards and dealers that also sell windows by Pella.

Seeking a contractor to measure, purchase and install the windows properly will be a huge load off your shoulders.

A contractor can answer all your questions about the product, advise on window specifications for your region, and is knowledgeable about city regulations. For instance, if you want to add a room to your basement, then the city may have a regulation about the size of window or door that must be installed.

It is important that all home projects follow city codes. It is equally important that you are aware of how major changes to your home may affect your taxes.

Can't find Pella windows at Home Depot? Connect with a contractor that can find them for you!

Pella has been a major player in the home improvement industry for the past 85 years and is seen as an industry leader. Pella offers premium-quality construction and windows that stand the test of time and the elements. New windows by Pella are aesthetically pleasing and improve the look of any home. Pella has a lot more to offer if you look for a window brand that can be trusted, including:

    • Free, in-home consultations. Stores that offer Pella windows also offer Pella's free, no-pressure consultation. A qualified professional will come to your home or site, discuss the needs that you have, take necessary measurements, and provide you with a free windows estimate for your new Pella window installation.
    • Wide range of sizes, prices and styles. From window casements and awnings to double-hung, sliding and bay windows, hundreds of styles are available to choose from when shopping for Pella windows.
    • Energy-efficient products. Pella windows offer multiple panes of glass to put more protection between the inside of your home and the elements. Some Pella windows are coated with special low-e coatings that reflect heat back into the home during the winter or away from the home in the summer. Other windows may have argon gas inserts between the window panes to provide additional insulation from cold and heat.
    • An array of materials from which to choose. From wood to fiberglass and vinyl, a wide selection of premium materials is used in the manufacture of Pella windows.
    • No-mess, no-guess installation. Pella is serious about getting the right Pella windows in your home and spends a lot of time ensuring that they are installed properly. Pella's lead installers are required to be recertified each year in special installation processes to ensure quality work. Most installations can be completed within one day, and installers haul away your old windows for you. They also leave the work area clean and debris free.
    • Total Care Guarantee. Pella's Total Care Guarantee governs Pella windows and installation. Under this policy, all windows, installation and labor are guaranteed for up to 10 years. If you ever have a problem, your local Pella installer can be reached for a service call.
    • Competitive prices. When it comes to comparing Pella windows prices to those of other leading brands, consumers are surprised to find that they can install windows by Pella, even on a budget. The Pella windows cost, in some instances, may be less than competing brands.

As you can see, if you are looking to install windows, it makes a lot of sense to consider Pella windows. Although you will not find Pella windows at Home Depot, you can use Reply! to find a local contractor near you.

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