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Pella Windows vs Atrium windows: a comparison guide

There's one defining feature that separates Pella Windows vs Atrium windows. Do you know what it is?

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Those little breezes that you feel coming through your windows are a sign that you need replacement windows. Comparing Pella windows vs Atrium windows can help you understand the products that each company makes and their warranties. The sooner you start researching your new windows, the faster you can install those windows in your home.

Don't forget to compare warranty options when it comes to Pella Windows vs Atrium windows. Seen here is Pella Windows at night.Pella Windows

Before you compare Pella windows vs Atrium windows, you should know the types and styles of windows that are available from each company. Pella offers specialty fixed windows in unique sizes and shapes and operational windows that you can customize to fit your home.

Casement windows open vertically. While awning windows open horizontally. You can choose double-hung or single-hung windows. Pella also makes bay, sliding and bow windows.

If you aren't sure exactly what you need, you might request a window estimate or talk to a contractor before you install windows and doors in your home.


Like Pella, Atrium makes new windows that you can use when you build a new home or as replacements for windows in your existing home. While Atrium offers many of the same window types, including custom options, the company gives you more options when it comes to the window glass.

Connect with a contractor! Ask about Pella Windows vs Atrium windows!

Atrium windowsLow-e glass reduces the temperature in your home by blocking some of the heat from the sun, while sealed glass panes keep your home insulated.

The company also makes special glass for northern areas where temperatures are low. Atrium can provide tints for your new windows too.

Warranty info

If you really want to compare Pella windows vs Atrium windows, you need to examine the warranties. Pella's limited warranty varies among different products, but some products have a 20-year warranty.

Atrium offers a limited warranty on window components and a 30-year limited warranty on the glass. If the glass fails within the first 15 years, Atrium will replace it for free. After 15 years, you will need to pay a certain percentage of the cost for the replacement.

If the new windows' price seems a little high, take a look at the warranty. A good warranty can offset the windows' cost by reducing the money that you spend later. For example, a warranty that comes with a free replacement means that you won't face costly repairs or need to buy new windows for many years. 

Buying and installing new windows is as simple as choosing the type that you want and measuring the size of the windows you already have. A good contractor can do most of the work for you, and you can find out more about locating the best contractor by using Reply! Comparing Pella windows vs Atrium windows is an important step, but you might find that you want to compare those products to windows from other manufacturers as well.

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First photo: Pella Windows at night. Second photo: Atrium windows.