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Pella Windows vs Jeld-Wen Windowsr

If you wish to install windows that meet your energy and budgetary needs, then a Pella Windows vs. Jeld-Wen buying guide can help you.

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Installing new windows can be a long, arduous task, especially if you are looking for windows that are energy efficient. If you wish to install windows that meet your energy and budgetary needs, then a Pella Windows vs. Jeld-Wen buying guide can help you determine which windows will best suit your home's needs. Both windows provide you with an energy-efficient solution, but which window casements will be the most affordable for your budget?

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Before you purchase your home's new windows, first you need to take the windows' features compared to their overall price into consideration. If you are looking for customized windows to attain the look and feel you desire for your home, expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 to replace approximately 10 windows in your home.

Pella Windows
Pella WindowsOne of the biggest competitors in replacement windows across the nation, Pella offers a variety of customized windows to fulfill your decorating dreams.

Pella started in 1925 as a Rolscreen Windows. They became popular for their disappearing Rolscreen window screen. That was the first of thousands of innovations that Rolscreen and Pella would  release on the world. Today, not only are they among the most recognizable names in window manufacturers, but they are still amazingly innovative.

Available in ThermaStar, 350 series and wood clad window designs, Pella windows cost anywhere from $67 to over $1,000, depending on the window's size and customization features you choose. Featuring premium aesthetics and unique styling, Pella offers windows showcasing beautiful detailing that will surely add drama and architectural interest to your home. Constructed with low-emissivity glass coatings and argon gas, Pella windows can help you save up to 74 percent on your energy costs while allowing you enjoy comfort in your home all year long.

Pella windows vs. Jeld-Wen reviews show that one downside to purchasing Pella windows is that their high-volume manufacturing may result in some defects. However, Pella's lifetime warranty allows you to quickly fix any defects that may arise.

Jeld-Wen Windows
Jeld-Wen WindowsOffering 100 percent dedication to providing excellent products, Jeld-Wen provides you with competitively priced windows with top-quality designs you deserve.


Jeld-Wen was started in 1960 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, by George Wendt and four investors purchased a mill there. Klamath Falls remains the international headquarters, with the North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, Jeld-Wen is one of the most internationally recognized and respected manufacturers of doors, windows, and other building materials.


Jeld-Wen window prices can range anywhere between $94.35 and $777.03, depending on the size and type of the window you select. Available in wood, vinyl or aluminum casements, Jeld-Wen windows are customizable to allow you to perfectly complement your home's decor. Constructed with durable AuraLast wood and 100 percent core-to-surface protection, these windows are resistant to rot damage, subterranean termites and water saturation.

Pella's storm-tested window design helps protect your home from heavy rain, extreme temperature and wind. Pella windows feature low-emissivity glass coatings that can help reduce your energy costs by up to $300 per year. The only downside to purchasing from Jeld-Wen is a lack of customer service.

Requesting a window's estimate from contractors and manufacturers can help you obtain the most affordable rates on the market. If you are unsure whether to purchase a Pella or Jeld-Wen window, Reply! can provide you with Pella windows vs. Jeld-Wen window estimates to help you determine which window manufacturer can provide you with high-quality windows that will not only complement your home's decor but also save you money in the long run.

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